NC Entrepreneur, Shanquella Robinson, dies from Alcohol Poisoning on Trip

Shanquella Robinson is a successful businesswoman from North Carolina.

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The family of the woman, Shanquella Robinson, wants “Justice for Shanquella Robinson.” Who Died While on a Friendship Vacation Is Looking For Answers

Shanquella Robinson passed away while on a trip to Cabo. Her friends claim that she died from alcohol poisoning, but the findings of the autopsy reveal otherwise.

As her family and loved ones search for information about her death, the hashtag #ShanquellaRobinson is spreading on social media.

Robinson was meant to be on vacation with pals, enjoying a birthday. But within a day of her arrival, Shanquella’s mother got a call that no parent ought to experience. She learned that her daughter had passed away on the journey.

In the end, Robinson’s pals abandoned his remains in Mexico and headed back to the United States. Her corpse arrived after a two-week delay and a $6,000 payment to the family. And to make matters worse, her friends’ claims disagree with the autopsy report on Shanquella Robinson that was produced by the FBI and Mexican authorities.

Robinson’s mom, Salamondra Robinson said,

“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol poisoning,” “They couldn’t get a pulse […] each one of the people that were there with her was telling different stories.”

Last week, Shanquella Robinson’s mother said that an autopsy had shown that her daughter had passed quite violently. They all seemed to have given her mother Salamondra different accounts of the worried calls they had received from pals.

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When the autopsy findings were revealed, according to Salamondra Robinson, “they suggested it didn’t have anything to do with the drinking.” “They said she had a shattered spine in the back and a broken neck.” She was assaulted.

Traveled to Mexico

The information came to light when the Robinson family called the FBI and Mexican authorities in response to worried calls made by friends of Robinson’s daughter who were traveling to Mexico.

 Salamondra said,

“Everyone who was around her at the time was giving her various tales. She wasn’t feeling well, they said. She was poisoned by booze. They were unable to find a pulse. The U.S. State Department is apparently insisting that Shanquella’s death was not a murder and that there were no signs of misconduct in the police investigation, in spite of Salamondra’s concerns.

The family is now receiving assistance from a State Department employee in collecting information from the Mexican government.


Shanquella Robinson went to Winston Salem State University after graduating from West Charlotte High School in North Carolina.

Robinson is the most recent Charlotte lady to be found dead. Shanquella was the owner of many successful businesses. She had a profitable children’s hair braiding company. Shanquella was also the proprietor of a women’s clothing store. Many questioned the victim’s friends’ innocence.

Early Life

Shanquella Robinson was a 25-year-old. She holds an American nationality and she belongs to the black ethnic group.