Famous Mexican Chief, Robert Yacone, 59, was shot and killed

Robert “Bob” Yacone, was a well-known chef from southern New Mexico.

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A Las Cruces man accused of killing his wife reportedly passed away on Wednesday.

Robert Yacone is suspected of murdering his wife, who passed away on Wednesday morning, according to the Doa Ana County Sheriff’s Office. He was 59. Yacone was charged by DASO on September 18 with murdering his wife Kim Yacone, 48, at their residence.

Yacone was accused of murder in the first degree. After shooting his wife, Bob Yacone got into a gunfight with the sheriff’s office, according to DASO. Yacone was shot by deputies at least once at the couple’s home on Vista de Oro in Picacho Hills during the gunfire.

After the incident, Bob Yacone was taken to a hospital in El Paso. The El Paso County Medical Examiner’s Office informed the DASO that Yacone passed away on November 16 at around 6:30 a.m., according to the DASO.

 Since the shooting, Bob Yacone has been hospitalized in El Paso and is under constant observation, according to the sheriff’s office. DASO made no more announcements.

Picacho Hills’ Forghedaboudit Southwest Italian was owned by Kim Yacone. The executive chef was Bob Yacone. Social media postings and press reports have shed light on the Yacones over the last several years, first for inflammatory statements and subsequently for domestic violence.

Felony child abuse

When Bob Yacone was charged with felony child abuse after a driving rage incident in Deming in 2018, he entered a no-contest plea in 2014. Due to his delayed term, the allegation of having a handgun while a felon was withdrawn.

 Yacone was accused of pointing a weapon at a passing car in the 2018 case, but in the end, he pled guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct in Sixth Judicial District Court.

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According to DASO, they attended to domestic disturbance complaints at Yacone’s house twelve times in 2022. Kim Yacone filed requests for protection orders against her husband in 2022 in February, March, and August due to domestic abuse.

Two counter-petition claims of abuse by her were made by Bob Yacone. Orders of protection were frequently dismissed, according to Kim Yacone, who claimed the pair was receiving treatment.

Early Life and Relationship

Robert Yacone was 59 years old at the time of his demise. He holds an American Citizen and He belongs to the white race.

Robert Yacone’s wife is Kim Yacone. He is accused of murdering his wife, Kim Yacone.