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Ritchie Coster is an actor from England. He is best known for his performances as Dietrich Banning in The Tuxedo (2002), the Chechen in The Dark Knight (2008), Elias Kassar in Blackhat (2015), Mayor Austin Chessani in the second season of True Detective on HBO, and Francisco Scaramucci / Mr. Blue in Happy! on SyFy.

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How old is Ritchie Coster? How he begen his early life

Ritchje Coster was born on July 1, 1967. He is 55 years old. In London, England, Coster was born. After graduating from the Latymer School in Edmonton, he received his acting training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Ritchie Coster Early Life

Most youthful of four brothers. In the British Broadcasting Corporation’s soap opera EastEnders, she made an early appearance and had a brief talking part.

Ritchie Coster career as a professional actor

Throughout his career, Coster has taken on a variety of roles. In the 1998 remake of Rear Window, he portrayed the sculptor who was married to Allison Mackie’s bottle-loving character Ilene. He played a variety of roles on television from 1999 to 2009, including at least seven episodes of the Law & Order television series.

Caolan Waltrip is portrayed by Ritchie Coster in Tulsa King. The show lists Coster as a recurring guest star.

The third episode of the series features Caolan amid a confrontation between police enforcement and a different character named Edgar Dumont, which serves as his debut.

Edgar’s role is initially unknown, but as the show goes on, it becomes clear that he is Caolan’s friend. He and he had a storied connection.

Ritchie has portrayed Black McAdam, a violent gang leader known for stockpiling weapons and other ammo.

He has a history of committing numerous offenses, such as armed robberies and drug trafficking, and he has previously served six years in prison.

The 55-year-old has a compelling entrance in the series, and it is anticipated that he will have a big impact on how other characters behave. If he does, it’s unclear whether it will be in later seasons.

The presence of Caolan, a fascinating character, fits the drama series’ pace perfectly.

He is the kind of character who can coexist with the main character and compete fiercely with him in upcoming episodes. For the audience, this may also be a visual spectacle.

Who is Ritchie Coster’s wife? any Childrens?

Having known each other since the 1990s, Ritchie Coster and his wife Jan Coster are now married.

While finishing their higher education in college, the Coster couple got acquainted. Given that they are unique from other celebrity couples, they haven’t specifically mentioned the moment they first encountered each other.

Ritchie and Jan haven’t shared a lot about each other’s lives with the media because they keep their personal matters very private.

Sources claim that the couple has decided to prioritize their careers over becoming bogged down in obligations once they start a family even though they haven’t yet had children.

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They are both in their 50s and have never discussed having children. Initially, they were friends, and as the years passed, their friendship grew closer.

Soon after receiving their college degrees, they got married and immediately began focusing on their individual careers.

Ritchie and Jan have a great understanding of one another, so nothing has happened over time that could have damaged their relationship.

How much is Ritchie Coster’s net worth?

Ritchie Coster has a net worth if $14 million. His primary source of income is being an actor.

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FAQs about Ritchie Coster

Who is Ritchie Coster?

Ritchie Coster was born in London, England, on July 1, 1967. He is an actor best known for Let Me In, The Bounty Hunter, and The Dark Knight (2008). (2010).

How old is Ritchie Coster?

Ritchie Coster  is 55 years old as of 2022.

When was Ritchie Coster born?

Ritchje Coster was born on July 1, 1967.

How much is Ritchie Coster’s net worth?

Ritchie Coster has a net worth if $14 million.

Is Ritchie Costerb married?

Yes, Ritchie Coster is married to his Longitime lover Jan Coster.

Full biography and Quick info.

Full real birth NameRitchie Coster
Date of birthJuly 1, 1967
Place of birthLondon, England
Zodiac signCancer
Age55 years

Relationship and married life

Relationship statusMarried
PartnerJan Coster