No Mercy In Mexico Video Controversy: Execution of a Father and Son Twitter Video Link

The terrible footage of No Mercy in Mexico, in which a father and son were brutally murdered by the Mexican Cartel, has gone viral. The video has been widely shared on social media.

Two men in Mexico are tortured to death and offered no mercy in the video titled ‘No Mercy In Mexico after being discovered to be informants for an enemy carte. The manner in which they were murdered is likely to create scars on many people that will take a long time to heal.

Also known as the “Guerrero Flaying” it is a video that depicts the murder of a father and son, with some speculating that the father was an officer. The video shows the father and son tied up on the ground with their wrists bound and their mouths taped shut while being questioned by a cartel member.

The father was in excruciating pain and was repeatedly stabbed, while the son was sitting next to his father on the ground with his wrists bound and his mouth taped shut. The father is then thrashed with a massive rod before being knifed to death. His child begins to scream as he watches his father die in front of him.

Opening Chest With a Knife

After finishing with the father, the killers turn their attention to the youngster, opening his chest with a knife before withdrawing the child’s pulsating heart and holding it up to the camera. The members stabbed the son to death at the end of the video.

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It has been revealed that the Los Viagras cocaine gang was in this horrifying video, and now the assassination of two innocent people by a criminal gang in Mexico has horrified the entire globe, demonstrating how deranged human brains can be.

This also raised the question and concern about the misuse of social media, as billions of people around the world use it to share information and make connections, as it allows you to communicate with friends and family, learn new things, and develop your interests, and be entertained. However, videos like these show how it can negatively affect people, particularly teenagers, as it shows the reality of how some people use social media.

It also depicts the truth of certain people being capable of doing inconceivable things to other humans without fear, raising the question of what type of world we actually live in.