Who is Mon Schafter Partner Tara Feehan? Everything about their Baby and Relationship

Mon Schafter, a journalist who has won a Walkley Award, is in charge of the material for ABCQueer. This is a place where young Australians who identify as LGBTQIA+ can find news and advice. Mon also co-hosted the Mardi Gras parade on ABC TV.

They have contributed stories to other shows like 7.30 and Hungry Beast. Mon also hosts a podcast called Innies + Outies, which has Australian stories about staying home or going out. In this article, we will get to know more about her partner, children, and insight into their love life.

Who is Mon Schafter’s partner?

Mon Schafter and Tara Feehan have been dating since 2018. Tara works in finance at HarperCollins Children’s Books. They first announced their relationship on Mon’s Instagram with a cute photo of them at the Oxford Art Factory. Mon came out as a teenager and her parents were supportive. She shared a photo of her family in front of Tara and Mon’s house and it seems like her parents approve of the relationship.

Mon Schafter Partner Tara Feehan

Mon’s younger brother, Pete, is very important to her and they share many childhood photos on Instagram. Tara has been with HarperCollins for over 16 years and has a degree in economics from the State University of New York and a second degree in international business from Marymount Manhattan College.

Mon Schafter and Tara Feehan Relationship Timeline

For more than five years, Mon and Tara have been a couple. Ever since they started dating, the couple has gone through many situations together.

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The couple announced their relationship in 2018

In July 2018, Mon shared a picture on Instagram that confirmed their relationship.

Mon Schafter first meet with Tara Feehan

The pair was at an exciting concert at the Oxford Art Factory. They were both smiling and appeared to be having a great time together in the photo.

Mon Schafter and Tara gave the news of their pregnancy via Instagram

They posted a social media announcement about the pregnancy.

Tara Feehan Pregnancy

On her Instagram, Mon shared a picture of them together on the beach, Tara with a growing belly. They both appeared to be taking extra precautions because she appeared to be 8 to 9 months pregnant in the picture.

They welcomed their child, Indigo on January 10, 2023

Indigo was born to Tara and Mon on January 10, 2023, at 10.28 a.m. She is quite unique, weighing 3.4 kg, measuring 58 cm long, and having a full head of hair.

Mon Schafter and Tara Feehan Baby

According to her Instagram post, they were utterly in love despite being quite tired.

Mon Schafter Hosts Mardi Gras 2023 on ABC TV with Interviews of Human Rights and LGBTQIA+ Activists

On ABC TV in 2023, Mon Schafter co-hosted the Mardi Gras procession. She recounted several stories during the presentation, both her own and those submitted by the audience. Jodie Foster and Margot Robbie, two well-known Hollywood celebrities, were among those who spoke with Schafter. Interviews with advocates for human rights, such as former High Court Justice Michael Kirby and LGBTQIA+ role models Casey Legler, a non-binary author, model, and former Olympian, were the most thrilling parts of the program.

Schafter, one of the founders of a nonprofit that aids young LGBTQIA+ persons, assisted in organizing the procession.

She, along with Nate Byrne and Jack Evans, anchored the parade on Oxford Street. They were also supported by Jeremy Fernandez and Zindi Okenyo. The parade had over 200 floats, which is the largest number ever seen in the parade’s history. It also celebrated its 45th anniversary, and ABC showcased the diverse and vibrant community that comes together for this famous event.

WorldPride has been celebrated globally since 2000, with different cities competing to host the event. The members of InterPride chose Sydney as the location to host WorldPride in 2023, marking the first time the event will be hosted in the southern hemisphere.