Survivor of Uvalde shooting attack, Miah Cerrillo, Aged 11

Miah Cerrillo is an 11 years old survivor of the mass shooting at a Uvalde elementary school who covered herself in a friend’s blood and act dead.

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Miah Cerrillo: Uvalde Shooting Survivor will testify

Cerrillo, a fourth-grader who used her killed friend’s blood to fake dead and stay alive during a mass shooting at a Uvalde primary school last month.

On Capitol Hill on Wednesday, the 11-year-old will be a star witness, appearing before a House committee and becoming the face of a national gun-control debate.

According to Miah’s father, Miguel Cerrillo, she is still recovering from “many” bullet fragments stuck in her back and dealing with the aftershocks of trauma.

Miah Cerrillo Age, Family, Early Life

Miah Cerrillo is 11 years old right now from which we believe she was born around 2011. She is the daughter of father Miguel Cerrillo and her mother is unknown right now as nothing about her has been found.

Miah Cerrillo Family

Thus, we can’t give you any detailed information about her life in her early years. We will update everything relevant to her and her life as soon as we learn more about her life.

Which school and college did she go to?

She is a fourth-grade student at Uvalde Elementary School.

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She is 11 years old and is dependent on her parents and family for her daily life expenses