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Maria Shriver is rumored to be Matthew Dowd’s wife in the thick of the election. Below are links to his Wikipedia page and his estimated net worth.

Matthew Dowd is a well-known political consultant and strategist. As a Democrat, he has announced his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

He announced his participation on Twitter on September 29, 2021. To defeat Republican incumbent Dan Patrick, he faces an uphill struggle.

Dowd has previously worked for the Independent and Republican parties. His supporters have recently expressed their eagerness to see him run for the position.

Matthew Dowd, the former Bush strategist, announces run for lieu­tenant governor as a Democrat

TEXAS is a state in the United States. Matthew Dowd, a former George W. Bush adviser, said on Wednesday that he will run for lieutenant governor of Texas as a Democrat. To defeat Republican incumbent Dan Patrick, he faces an uphill struggle.

The former ABC News political analyst said in a two-minute campaign video that GOP politicians have failed the state. He focused his attention on Patrick, whom he described as “cruel and craven.”

The former ABC News political analyst said in a two-minute campaign video that GOP politicians have failed the state. He focused his attention on Patrick, whom he described as “cruel and craven.”

“Dan Patrick has been lying, misleading, shattering our relationships, and putting our lives in jeopardy,” he stated. “It’s time to call it quits. We need more leaders who speak the truth, believe in public services, and use common sense and decency for the greater good…Dan Patrick does not believe in any of these things, which is why I am running for the prestigious job of lieutenant governor of this wonderful state.”

Dowd said he’s running as a Democrat because it’s the only party that believes in the fundamentals of democracy and putting people first in an interview on Capital Tonight on Wednesday.

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“The Republican Party has devolved into a party of cruelty, tyranny, and mean-spiritedness,” he remarked.

Dowd would almost certainly have to run against Mike Collier in a Democratic primary. Collier has stated that he intends to run for the position again and will make an announcement soon. He was the Democratic Party’s nominee for President in 2018 and came within five points of Patrick.

Dowd stated that he will not campaign against Collier in the primary.

Collier’s campaign manager, Ali S. Zaidi, issued the following statement in response to Dowd’s announcement:

“We welcome Matthew Dowd back to the Democratic Party after 20 years of helping to elect Republicans around the country. Mr. Dowd, you may have noticed that things have changed dramatically since you worked for the Republicans. Democratic voters will be curious to learn how selling a bogus war, securing the deciding Supreme Court vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, and leading the push to pass many anti-marriage equality ballot measures formed your current views.”

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Dowd has previously worked for Texas Democrats, including Bob Bullock, the state’s last Democrat lieutenant governor, who was elected in 1994.

He then worked for Bush from 2000 until 2007, when he publicly disavowed him and the Republican Party, citing the president’s conduct of the Iraq War as the reason.

Matthew Dowd Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about his father, mother, where is he from? Early Life.

Dowd was born to an Irish Catholic family in Detroit, Michigan, on May 29, 1961.

matthew dowd family

He was the third of eleven children, with a father who worked in the auto industry and a mother who worked as an elementary school teacher before becoming a stay-at-home mom. His father and mother were also Republicans.

Matthew Dowd Net worth, how much did he earn? 

Matthew Dowd has a $5 million net worth.

While we don’t know the specifics of his pay, we do know that he earns a lot of money. As an experienced News Analyst, he is expected to earn at least $45,578 a year.

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Matthew credits his success to his job as a political strategist and analyst.

Aside from that, he earns money from book deals and speaking engagements.

Matthew Dowd Wife, His Relationship, What about Children?

Matthew Dowd was married twice throughout his life and had two wives.

Tammy Edgerly, a former Bush strategist, was his wife. His first marriage was a ten-year affair. So yet, little is known about his first marriage.

Nicole Baines is his second wife, with whom he had a brief relationship.

matthew dowd wife

Dowd has been dating Maria Shriver after two divorces. She is the wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former California governor and actor.

We don’t know who the American political commentator is dating right now. In recent months, he has kept mute about his personal life.

Matthew Dowd is the father of four children that are still alive.

One of his children died while she was a baby.

With Tammy Edgerly, he has three boys. Daniel, his eldest son, is an army veteran who served in Baghdad from 2007 to 2009.

There are no details about the other three on the internet.

Matthew Dowd Career

Dowd volunteered for Rep. William Broomfield’s R-MI campaign and for Governor Joseph P. Teasdale’s D-Mo campaign while at college in St. Louis, Missouri. He also worked on Rep. Dick Gephardt’s (D-Mo) staff. As a member of Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s (D-Texas) Senate and campaign staff, he began his political career as a Democrat. He also worked for Texas Lt. Governor Bob Bullock, among others. He switched parties in 1999, becoming a Republican.

Dowd served as a senior adviser to the Republican National Committee during the 2002 midterm elections.

Dowd served as George W. Bush’s re-election campaign’s top strategist during the 2004 presidential election.

During Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reelection campaign in 2006, Dowd served as his strategist.

As The New York Times reported on April 1, 2007, Dowd had grown frustrated and disappointed with George W. Bush, whom he chastised for failing to bring the country together in a time of war, for ignoring the American public’s will on the Iraq War, for re-nominating former UN ambassador John Bolton after his confirmation was rejected, and for failing to hoist the American flag.

Dowd claims to have changed his mind about the Iraq War and adopted a position advocating for its withdrawal after considering the possibility of his own son’s deployment to the country, as well as after witnessing Bush refuse to meet with anti-war mother Cindy Sheehan in the summer of 2005 while entertaining Lance Armstrong at his ransom. These instances, as well as Bush’s management of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, were highlighted by Dowd as reasons for the shift.

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Dowd has not spoken with former White House political adviser Karl Rove since leaving the Bush administration. In an opinion post for Salon headlined “Matthew Dowd’s not-so-miraculous conversion,” Sidney Blumenthal labeled Dowd as an “opportunist.”

In December 2007, he was presented as ABC’s new political contributor on Good Morning America. He also appears on George Stephanopoulos’ This Week on the same network. “Republicans and Democrats seem to agree on a few things,” Dowd wrote in an opinion piece for the National Journal on December 2, 2010, defending WikiLeaks, writing, “That the government, in the name of fighting terrorism, has the right to listen in on all of our phone conversations and read our e-mails, even if it has no compelling reason to do so.”

Where he attended his High school and University? What was his major?

Dowd went to Cardinal Newman College in St. Louis, Missouri, for his education. Dowd credits his early interest in politics to the Watergate Committee hearings, which he attended when he was 12 years old in the summer of 1973.

Matthew Dowd Social Media Reach

Matthew Dowd has about 245.1K followers on Twitter, which indicates that he has a solid social media follower He has only followed 12.5K celebrities on Twitter. His Followers can follow him on Twitter. He has joined Twitter in April 2011.

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He has a Facebook account too in which 1381 followers have followed his account. He has got huge fan followers on his Facebook account. 

By looking into his social media mostly he uses and always wants to interact with his fans. All the fans also admire him very closely and love him a lot.

Matthew Dowd’s Body Appearance Height, Weight

HeightN / A
WeightN / A
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Interesting facts about Matthew Dowd’s which you should know

EthnicityN / A
Zodiac SignGemini
Net Worth$5 million
Single/ In a relationshipMarried
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseNicole Baines
ChildrenFour children

Social Media

Twitter: Matthew Dowd

Facebook: Matthew Dowd