Who is Life2lavish? Age, Net worth, Real name, Why was he arrested? and Murdered, Birthday, Height, Brother

A man named Kwame Boateng was savagely attacked and killed in Peckham lately, and Life2lavish has been detained on suspicion of Peckham stabbing.

Life2lavish is a YouTuber, vlogger, and content creator from the United Kingdom. He has more than 75.3k subscribers on his YouTube channel, which he created on April 8, 2017.

On his YouTube account, the content creator uploads a wide range of videos. His content includes challenges, games, and music tracks, among other things. On his YouTube channel, he has also recorded and done a number of pranks.

His mugshots and rumors of his imprisonment went viral on the internet recently, and he has been generating headlines all over the internet.

Let’s find out more about Life2lavish’s arrest, as well as his age and parents.

Why Is Life2lavish Arrested?

Life2lavish has been detained, and the news has been widely circulated on the internet and debated on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit.

However, the official announcement has yet to be made. No formal information has been released, and the YouTuber has not stated anything further on the subject.

His arrest, on the other hand, is for murder. He is being held on suspicion of the murder of Kwame Boateng, a 23-year-old man. Boateng was stabbed to death in Peckham.

He was brought to the hospital, but sadly died three days later.

Kwame Boateng’s murder in Peckham is being investigated thoroughly.

Three guys were transported to the hospital after stabbing thrice this afternoon, according to tweets from @London 999.

At 4:22 p.m., police hurried to Nunhead Lane to investigate the incident. We haven’t been able to find the killers, though.

Kwame Boateng was admitted to the hospital and died there. Two more victims have been stabbed and are in critical condition.

Murder cases are common in Peckham. In 2017, a young man in his twenties was stabbed with a knife in a similar event.

In February 2020, another stabbing incident was reported, in which a man and his dog were savagely stabbed.

With the assistance of experts, police are investigating the murder pattern. They believe these kinds of instances are a result of gangster activity in the neighborhood.

Life2lavish Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about his father, mother, where is he from? Early Life

Life2lavish’s real name has yet to be revealed to his admirers and followers. The date of birth has also not been revealed. But according to his personality, he looks like mid-25’s.

Regardless, the YouTuber’s pseudonym is well-known among his admirers and followers.

He uses the handle Life2lavish on all social media platforms and has yet to use his true identity anywhere on the internet.

Life2lavish  Age

I’m not sure whether any of his admirers and followers know his real name yet. At the present, it appears highly unlikely.

Life2lavish hasn’t mentioned his parents or family on the internet yet.

Despite being quite active on social media sites, he appears to be very careful not to reveal anything personal about himself on the internet.

Life2lavish has yet to publish any information about his father or mother, such as their names or occupations, on the internet.

Life2lavish Net worth, How much did he earn?

Life2lavish’s real net worth, like his other details, is unknown.

It appears that he prefers to keep his personal information out of the public eye and always keeps the information hidden.

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The YouTuber, on the other hand, has 75.3k subscribers and millions of views on his videos. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be in the millions. By looking into his social media account and his living standard and lifestyle he must have net worth between $1  million – $5 million approximately.

Life2lavish Girlfriend, His Relationship, What about Children?

Life2lavish does not appear to have a girlfriend or be involved in any type of relationship.

He appears to be single; otherwise, we may learn about his relationship from his social media accounts, as he updates his Instagram account on a regular basis.

Life2lavish Career

Life2lavish is an online personality who creates material.

However, the child is alleged to have been detained in the Peckham Stabbing case, and he is currently trending on social media and generating news all over the internet.

Life2lavish has been detained in connection with the death of Kwame Boateng, according to a Reddit site. However, several of his fans and followers claim that his manager disputed the rumors on the same forum.

Similarly, no formal remarks from the government or the administration of Life2lavish have surfaced as of yet. It could just be a rumor propagated by fans. If the charges against the YouTuber are genuine, confirmation will soon be available to the public.

Life2lavish has been arrested in a suspicious murder case, according to recent news on the Reddit platform.

His admirers and followers believe he is incapable of such feats. However, a person wrote in the comments section, “Fake.” The mugshot was taken by the 4K man himself. The similar idea was done by David Bunmii.”

Another person commented, “Really tho.” My graduation portrait is more translucent than this one.

life2lavish: A TikTok Star

Life2lavish is also a well-known TikTok celebrity, with the handle @life2lavish2 on the popular social media platform. He has amassed a sizable following on this network, with approximately 46 thousand followers.] Life2lavish is also active on YouTube, where he has over 75 thousand subscribers and posts about a range of videos.

He has also established himself as an entertaining performer by gaining a lot of reputation and fame through social media.

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He can also be spotted on other famous social media platforms besides TikTok.

He may also be found on Instagram and Twitter, where he goes by the handles @life2lavish and @Life2Lavish, respectively.

Where he attended his High school and University? What was his major?

As we all know that he is from the UK. So, most probably he must have completed his education from his home town. But the exact fact of his education has not been unpublished yet.

Life2lavish Social Media Reach

Life2lavish has about 255 followers on Twitter, which indicates that he has a solid social media follower He has only followed 11 celebrities on Twitter. His Followers can follow him on Twitter. He has joined Twitter in November 2019.

Moreover, he has 38.6K followers on Instagram with 34 posts which shows his fan follower on Instagram is huge. In Instagram, he has followed 1990 Media Personnel. His Followers can follow him on Instagram.

At the same time, his followers on his YouTube channel are altogether 75.3K Subscribers and altogether seven million people have viewed his videos in YouTube His Followers can follow him on YouTube. He has started his YouTube channel on April 8, 2017.

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He is on TikTok also. In TikTok, he has got 45.9K followers, which shows that he has large fan followers in all his social media account. He has only followed 55 celebrities on TikTok. He has got 1.4M likes in his TikTok videos.

By looking into his social media mostly he uses and always wants to interact with his fans. All the fans also admire him very closely and love him a lot.

Life2lavish FAQ’s

Who is Life2lavish?

Life2lavish is a video creator and is a UK-based YouTuber. He likes to create videos that look funny and make his fans and followers enjoy. Most of his videos are popular among his fans. So, he has many subscribers on his YouTube channel, and his videos have views in thousands.

How old is Life2lavish?

The actual date of birth has not been revealed but by looking to his profile he must be in his early -25’s.

What is Life2lavish real name?

Life2lavish’s real name is unknown. He has never mentioned his real name in the public domain, and most of his fans and followers know him by his animated name.

Does Life2lavish use social media?               

Yes, he uses social media. He is on the Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. He has a huge fan follower in his social media account. Moreover, millions of people have subscribed his YouTube channel and views his videos.

Did Life2lavish got arrested?

Life2lavish is arrested; this news has been all over the web and discussed on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. But, the official news is yet to make its way out. No official information has been publicized, nor has the YouTuber told something related to the topic later.

Life2lavish’s Body Appearance Height, Weight

Height   N/A
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Interesting facts about Life2lavish’s which you should know

Zodiac SignNot Available
Net Worth $1 million – $5 million
Single/ In a relationship Single
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseNone

Social Media

Twitter: @Life2Lavish

Instagram: life2lavish

YouTube: Life2Lavish

TikTok: life2lavish2