Mother Leilani Simon is suspected of missing her 20-month-old son

The 20-month-old Quinton Simon has been missing from his Chatham County home for four weeks. Leilani Simon, Quinton’s mother, is the sole and primary suspect in his death and disappearance, according to the police.

Police have already declared that they believe he is dead and has started a thorough search for his remains at a nearby landfill.

Quinton’s remains, which the CCPD suspect was carried thereafter he was put in the trash, were the subject of an announcement two weeks ago that the hunt for them had begun at the Waste Management landfill.

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Here is what Chief Jeff Hadley answered when we questioned him if he was certain that Quinton’s remains would be discovered at the moment.

“We’re here for the long haul until we determine that we don’t need to be here anymore. I have every belief that we will find his remains here at the landfill. “

On Wednesday, Chatham Police said that they were aware that there was little chance of finding Quinton’s remains. When WTOC contacted CCPD to clarify Wednesday’s message and inquired as to why the tone had changed, they declined to provide further details, stating that they were unable to do so.


Will Clarke with the FBI did state the outcome of this search would be questionable in the same news conference two weeks ago.

In addition, the FBI published a fresh image of the Quinton search that offers a different angle from the images that have already been made public.

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This image depicts what happens to potential evidence, you can see items in the containers on the table that the CCPD claims are not human remains, which one investigator is clearly examining closely, and a picture of Quinton who is looking over the entire scene.

The date of the next news conference for the Chatham County Police Department is unknown, but we’ll keep you informed as this story progresses.

Wednesday two weeks after the news conference, Chatham County Police announced on Twitter, “We knew going into this landfill search, the odds of recovering Quinton’s remains were low.”

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The following tweet stated that “Most landfill searches do not end in a recovery due to many factors, including volume of trash to search and compression of the debris.”

Quinton Simon is a 20-month child. Simon is an American citizen and he belongs to the white ethnicity. Leilani Simon is his mother.