Who is Leavexo Mary Malone? aka LeavexoMaryMalone Aged 25, Family, Wiki, Boyfriend

Leavexo Mary Malone is a Tik Tok star who has become a viral sensation over social media platforms for her crazy body transformations.

People from all over the world have expressed their displeasure at what she has done to her body.

An addict to surgery: Meet Leavexo Mary Malone who nearly died

As a Tik Tok influencer, Leavex Mary Malone is known as one of the world’s top cosmetic surgery addicts after she transformed her body into something that blew minds around the world. She has had more than one operation that nearly killed her.

A number of pictures of her have surfaced on the internet showing what this woman went through to put her body through these processes in order to be unique as she believes she is capable of doing this to her body and that she wishes to do so.

She has previously undergone three nose surgeries, buccal fat removals, two brow lifts, multiple fat transfers to her face, lost count of all the fillers in her lips and cheeks, two sets of twenty veneers, four boobs surgeries, lipo multiple times, three BBL procedures and butt implants.

Mary recently revealed that she has undergone plastic surgery countless times over the years, including an operation to inflate her v*gina that almost killed her. According to her, she wanted to have the world’s fattest v*gina.

Her first procedure was performed at the age of 21 when she was working as a stripper and escort.

Leavexo Mary Malone Age, Family, and Early Life

Mary is 25 years old in 2022, implying that she was born in the late 1990s. After spending more than $100,000 on radical plastic procedures, she has become a social media Sensation. She used to work as an exotic dancer to help fund the surgeries she had always wanted to undertake.

leavexo mary malone family

Her family background remains a mystery because she has rarely spoken to her parents on social media or confronted them, so we do not know anything about her parents. Due to being an exotic dancer at a very young age, we believe she may not have been close to her parents and may have lived independently up until now. We don’t know anything about her siblings and other members of her family.

As soon as we learn more specific and accurate information about her and her family, we will update this section.

Which school and college did Leavexo Mary Malone go to?

In one of her interviews, she disclosed she used to attend school but never intended to read since she became s*xually active at age 12 and began using drugs. As a result, she did not go on to complete her education and she never told anyone about her education. We will update anything related to her education in this section once we find out more.

Leavexo Mary Malone Net worth, How much does She earn?

In order to update this section when we locate her exact net worth as of 2022, our research team is currently seeking accurate information regarding her net worth.

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In what relationship does Leavexo Mary Malone currently reside?

Up to this point, she revealed she has been in a lesbian relationship and was s*xually active since age 12, but she has never told us anything about her relationship status, so there is no way to determine what status she was in.

We’ll update this section with any information relevant to her relationship as soon as she tells us something about it.

Is she available on any social media platform?

She is actively available on Tik Tok, Instagram,  and Twitter with 2.2k+, 68.8k+, and 76.1k +followers respectively.