Kevin Paffrath Age, Net worth, Wife, Wikipedia, Birthday, Height, Parents, Running For California Governor

Kevin Paffrath Age, Net worth, Wife, Wikipedia, Birthday, Height, Parents, Running For California Governor

Kevin Paffrath aka ‘Meet Kevin’ is a popular American YouTube channel among people investing in the real estate industry. Kevin Paffrath, a prosperous real estate agent and investor in Ventura, California, manages this channel. Its net value was estimated at an incredible 32 million dollars as early as 2021.

This is however not an exact figure since his mortgages are uncertain. This 28-year-old man has gained many fans in his 30s and 40s.He was really excited about investment from an early age. Kevin has encouraged many young people to become real estate investors with a membership of 1,54 million and 95,000 on Instagram.

Announcement of Meet Kevin Paffrath run for Governor to Replace Gavin Newsom

A prominent YouTube star called Kevin Paffrath, known for his channel Meet Kevin, entered an increasing ranking of challengers to replace the California Governor of Gavin Newsom. His nomination for the Californian Governor was declared by Paffrath. He posted a video of his official governor run on his YouTube page.

He also submitted some of his state proposals. A total of 25 other CA Governor’s candidates will be joined by Kevin. They all aim at distributing Gavin Newsom, who works for over 3 years in the workplace. Newsom is a politician from the Democratic Party.

Incidentally, his campaign website Meet Kevin was opened by himself. It provides an overview of the Web site’s 20-part strategy. The main purpose of his policies is to reduce taxes on wages. With this declaration, Kevin surprised his spectators.

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Since Paffrath showed no previous political ambitions and expectations. He had no political organizations attachments, too. Kevin has a good vision of California, though. The main fact is And all is important to be a governor.

Kevin Paffrath Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Nationality, what about his father, mother, where was he from? Early life

He has reached 29 years of age. At a very early age, Kevin was very excited about investment. He only made his savings when he saved his part-time work money at the age of 16. Kevin Paffrath, as a young child, faced a lot of difficulty in life. His parents divorced at only 6 years of age and moved from Germany to the United States.

kevin paffrath age

His family lived off with bare minimum cash and didn’t grow up with healthy financial capital. This led Kevin to start saving as young as he was. Every year on January 28, he celebrates his birthday. However, his zodiacal symbol is not revealed yet. Nevertheless, We’ll keep you up to date soon. Talking about his nationality, he is Amercan and holds white ethnicity.

Career of Kevin Paffrath as a youtuber

Today, he’s not just a YouTuber but also owns a real estate company with his partner, Lauren Paffrath.  The Paffrath Organization, based in Ventura, California, is the name of the organization. She grew up in an realtors family who sold and maintained homes. For this reason, Lauren manages this company easily and takes care of her two young boys as well.

After being motivated by Lauren’s parents’ jobs as realtors, Kevin studied to become a realtor in his college. Later on, at the age of 18, he won his property licence. This is where Kevin Paffrath and Lauren began their career as a realtor. Kevin began his YouTube Channel using the name Meet Kevin, in 2010.   

Meet Kevin made videos about its content and began to include marketing news and investment advice as the visibility increased and views improved. He improved the pace of his video uploading, on the advice of his close friend Graham stephan, also an immobiliary mogul cum YouTuber. He spends most of his time producing content at Meet Kevin today.

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The latest Meet Kevin videos have received many income sources. He is a realtor, a YouTuber, an investor and an educator, as described above. His main income is from the Meet Kevin YouTube channel and his home-selling sales contract. Meet Kevin is a channel of niche content which is attracted daily by thousands of viewers.

Kevin Paffrath wife, His Relationship, is he married? what about children

Kevin Paffrath’s wife name is Lauren Paffrath. Some of the online media had featured them as one of the most popular couples. They both have the Organization of Paffrath. Two sons, Jack and Max, are shared by them.

kevin paffrath family

Kevin Paffrath loves his kids and is committed to his family. Thus, every day at 5 pm, he stops working. His wife Lauren and sons, Max and Jack are meant exclusively for him in the evening time.

Kevin Paffrath Net worth, how much he is earning? how much did he earn from his career?

Kevin is very similar to Graham Stephan to a mix of revenue resources. Its exact net value is difficult to say because it is unclear about its exact mortgage number. But we have tried our best to accurately measure its net value and the net value of Kevin Paffrath aliase Meet Kevin is estimated to be approximately $32 million by 2021.

As a realtor, Kevin’s annual wage without a fee amounts to up to $100,000. The Paffraths own 22 properties in California; 20 are available for sale, 9 are under refurbishment, and one is housed. These assets amount to over 20 million dollars. The current net worth of Meet Kevin is difficult to determine with an investment of $7.4 million and a significant amount of debt.

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Other revenue streams exist for Paffrath, in addition to all of these. He teaches online courses as a specialist in property and earns an average of $332,000 per month. Kevin raises over $80,000 per month by affiliate services and alliances. Not all this money comes overnight; from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., he works to earn them twelve hours a day.

Where he attended his High school and University?

He attended Buena High & Ventura College prior to graduating from UCLA while working for Jamba Juice & Red Robin. They managed to purchase, refurbish and rent properties over the next few years, though Kevin graduated from UCLA in 2014. Today, they own 22 properties in Southern California.

His Social Media Reach

We have tried to find him on each social media site, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. According to his profession, We are sure about his active on every social media platforms. Meet Kevin is available in Instagram under the name “@meetkevin” which is verified.

We can see his posts in his instagram. Besides, he is also active in twitter with the name “@realMeetKevin”. He has more than 123.7k followers in twitter. Moreover, he earns lots of money through his youtube channel. He has got 1.61 subscribers in his channel.

Quick Facts about Meet Kevin Paffrath

The American YouTube channel Kevin Paffrath alias ‘Meet Kevin’ has been a famous investment channel for immobilizers. This channel is managed by Kevin Paffrath, a successful agent and investor in Ventura, California.

A popular YouTube star named Meet Kevin entered a growing ranking to replace the California governor of Gavin Newsom. Paffrath announced his appointment to the California Governor.

He’s now 29 years old. Kevin was passionate about investment at a very young age. He celebrates his birthday annually on Janaury 28. His zodiacal sign has not yet been disclosed. We’ll keep you up-to-date shortly, though. He is American and has white ethnicity as he talks about his nationality.

Before he graduated from UCLA, he attended Buena High & Ventura College during his time at Jamba Juice & Red Robin. He managed to purchase, refurbish and rent properties over the next few years, though Kevin graduated from UCLA in 2014.

As mentioned above, he is a realtor, a YouTuber, an investor and an educator. Its key revenues are from the Meet Kevin youTube channel and its sales deal for home sales. Meet Kevin is a niche content channel which attracts thousands of spectators every day.It is projected that Kevin Paffrath’s net worth might be around $32 million by 2021.

Lauren Paffrath is Kevin Paffrath’s wife name. They share their two sons, Jack and Max. Kevin Paffrath loves his children and has a dedication to his family. So he stops working every day at 5 pm.

Kelvin Paffrath’s Body Appearance Height, Weight in 2021

Height   Not revealed
WeightUnder review
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Interesting facts about Paffrath’s which you should be known

Zodiac SignNot disclosed
Net Worth (Approx.)Approx. $32million
Single/ In a relationshipMarried

Social Media