What happened at the Kentucky State Fair shooting? Multiple Arrested

Kentucky State Fair 2022 has closed indefinitely after an incident. The fair has started a soft close on Saturday, August 20, 2022,  at 10 p.m., as mentioned on the WHAS11 News.

Meanwhile, the officer has not opened up the details of the incident. The police have been reportedly  “working tirelessly” on the case and that additional details will become available soon.

Kentucky State Fair has modified its entry guidelines after a shooting incident. Now, minors must be accompanied and be with a parent or legal guardian who is at least 21 years old when they enter the fairgrounds in the evenings. 

In August 2019, a gun scare prompted a tense moment at the Kentucky State Fair. Panic over the possibility of the mass shooting led to a violent exchange between fairgoers and a Louisville police officer that was caught on a video. Following this, a number of people said that there might have been an active shooter who had heard these episodes. 

Cop Shoving and Shouting

In one of the videos, which were shared on Facebook and Twitter, the cop can be seen shoving two different people and shouting at a crowd of people around the fountains in front of Freedom Hall. In other footage, a cop can be seen shoving two separate persons and shouting at a crowd of people around the fountains in front of Freedom Hall.

As mentioned in the Courier-Journal news, which is in proximity to the location where authorities suspect a gun was shot, shell casings were also found at the Kentucky State Fair. Ultimately, the State Police persisted in seeking to charge the male juvenile who they believed fired the gun with wanton endangerment.


The Police have also claimed a teenage group had laughed at a firework, causing mayhem, and seven more minors who attended the fair were cited.  According to the Kentucky State Police, it is unlikely that the suspect was aiming at anyone in the crowd or had bad intentions; it was not deemed to be an active shooter scenario.

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Due to big crowds, the scene of the incident was not visible, and the films that have been posted may not always precisely show what occurred before the recording began. This year, the Kentucky State Fair’s officials had planned some safety measures and security strategies.

They also have instituted a policy requiring minors to be joined by a parent or guardian at the fair. Regardless of the planning, they are forced to take the move to close the popular fair.