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Is Ivan Nikolov’s tattoo really racist? KSI Boxing’s opposition controversy.  

Bulgarian middleweight Ivan Nikolov has a record of three wins, 16 losses, and two no-contests.

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Is the tattoo on Ivan Nikolov really racist? Opponent Controversy And Backlash With KSI Boxing.

As a result of pictures of his allegedly racist tattoos appearing online, Ivan Nikolov, KSI’s rival, has been accused of being a Hitler supporter and is now facing charges.

In accordance with a statement made public on Wednesday, KSI will wrestle two opponents on August 27 on the same night. Alex Wassabi, who was originally scheduled to confront the YouTube star, was substituted by the rapper Swartz, who has never participated in a call at any level. Wassabi left the game because of a concussion.

After receiving negative feedback for the opponent change, KSI chose to play Nikolov the same night they played Swartz. Nikolov is a professional boxer from Bulgaria who has dropped three of his 21 fights. He also has a number of tattoos that some supporters mistakenly think are symbols used by Hitler’s supporters.

Besides the “white power” tattoo on his stomach, Nikolov’s body is covered in other disciple insignia. On his left forearm, Nikolov bears the words “Blood & Honour,” the moniker of a skinhead gang of Hitler Followers that was established in England in the 1980s.

Supremacist Ink Design

Between the sentences is placed the group’s symbol, the triskele, a three-pointed swastika. An arm tattoo of a Celtic cross surrounded by a circle is another common white supremacist ink design.

On his right arm, Nikolov has added the Schutzstaffel logo to his body art. The Schutzstaffel, police and military force affiliated with the Hitler Follower Party, required its members to take an oath of fealty to Germany’s former dictator Adolf Hitler.

Nikolov’s tattoos were also made public after he was captured shirtless at a football game in Bulgaria, reportedly with other football hooligans. Nikolov’s disciple tattoos are shown in one picture of him with his arms at his sides and more Hitlerite memorabilia visible on a wall behind him.

Ivan Nikolov Age, Family, and Early Life

On March 31, 1979, in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ivan Nikolov was born into a Bulgarian family.

ivan nikolov family

He is 43 years old and is of Bulgarian Nationality.

Ivan Nikolov Career, What is his profession?

Ivan Nikolov has a boxing record of 3-16-2. In 2017, Ivan Nikolov started boxing. As a result, he has been actively boxing for nearly five years. He began boxing at the incredibly unusual age of 38.

Boxers typically quit competing at that age. Despite making his debut later than anticipated, Nikolov has already shown himself to be a strong boxer. He hasn’t had the best boxing record to date, though. His record in boxing is 3-16-2. This might be seen as a boxer with a dismal record.

In his first three boxing matches, he was successful in winning two, but following those first three fights, he was only successful in winning one match. In 2019, he most recently defeated a fighter making their debut.

Ivan Nikolov Net Worth, How much does he earn?

The wealth of Ivan Nikolov is $100,000 (estimated). Boxing is his main source of revenue.

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Which school did he go to? What was his major?

The high school he attended and the university he graduated from are all under review.

Ivan Nikolov Girlfriend, Is he dating/married? Any children?

Ivan Nikolov is engaged to his wife to be Eli Nikolov.

ivan nikolov fiancee

They have a daughter and a son.

His social media reach.

We did a quick search for the social media of Evan Nikolov but weren’t able to find him on any social sites.

Ivan Nikolov’s Height, Weight, Sexual orientation, Body.

HeightMeter: 1.78 m
Centimeter: 178 cm
Weight N / A
Hair ColorBlack
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Ivan Nikolov’s that you should be known about

Ethnicity N / A
Zodiac sign Aries
Relationship status Engaged
PartnerEli Nikolov
Children 2