Who is Ryan Corr? Played the role of Harwin Strong in the series House of Dragons?

Ryan Corr is an Australian actor. Corr is known for his roles in the Australian drama series Packed to the Rafters and love child along with his many films. He played the role of Harwin Strong in House of Dragons which made him popular in the movie industry.

The role of Harwin Strong is one of the most popular characters in his many movies. He has done many movies in his career. House of Dragons was released in 2022 when Corr played his famous role as Harwin Strong.

What happens to Harwin Strong in House of Dragons?

Ser Harwin is the heir of Harrenhal, the residence of House Strong in Westeros, and a knight from the House of the Dragon. He is also among the strongest people in the realm during the Dance of Dragons. Harwin’s father, Lyonel Strong, was a king’s Hand, and his family had close ties with the monarch.

With Harwin’s enthusiasm to encourage Rhaenyra’s proclivities that others are anxious to tear down, House of the Dragon has already started to sow the seeds for this to happen. Additionally, he has demonstrated his willingness to stand up for Rhaenyra as the City Watch is sworn to do.

Ryan Corr’s Early Life and Career

Corr was born in Melbourne. His father is Peter Corr, the head coach of the Australian Women’s Goalball Team. he started his acting career at the age of Thirteen with the film Opraholic. He also was a voice actor. He has done many series like Blue Water High aired on Australian TV. Corr is the 2011 recipient of the Heath Ledger Scholarship.

In May 2014, Corr was charged with heroin possession after being found with a freezer bag holding drugs in the Sydney suburb of Bondi. After this case, he came back to the movie industry. Then he acted in the romantic drama film Holding the Man. He also stars in the Television series Wanted. In 2018, Corr appeared as Joseph in Helen Edmundson’s film Mary Magdalene.

Harwin Strong’s first appearance in House of the Dragon

In the third episode, Ser Harwin was first seen at Prince Aegon’s celebration of his second name day. He went on the Royal Hunt with his father and king Virseys. The next episode of House of Dragons revealed Harwin as a city Watch Member. His persona earned him the nickname Breakbones, and he is typically considered the most muscular man in the Seven Kingdoms.

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Harwin, a member of the City Watch, meets Rhaenyra as she goes on a covert midnight adventure with Daemon. He initially accepts Rhaenyra’s pretense of being a city boy, but when he realizes it’s the princess, he makes fun of her and lets her depart with Daemon.

Does Harwin Strong die in House of the Dragon?

Harwin Strong inexplicably passes away in the castle Harrenhal with his father, according to the novel Fire and Blood. Harwin’s demise is suspected of having been carried out by Daemon Targaryen once more to eliminate competition for Rhaenyra’s love by Lord Corlys Velaryon as a form of retaliation for the defamation Ser Harwin inflicted on his son’s honor by King Virseys himself to put an end to the rumors that were circulating about Rhaenyra and by Hariwin’s brother Larry.