Feeling Brainy? Test Your Smarts With This CBD Vape Pen Quiz

Launching any new product in the market invokes several questions in consumers’ minds. If they fail to find suitable answers to their doubts, rumors either hype up the product or ruin the brand’s reputation. Therefore, consumers must be well-informed about the products they are willing to use to avoid speculations that may later cause harm. The scenario is common in controversial areas like cosmetics, health products, vape, or organic substances.

Organic products are making a comeback in the market, and how! But some controversies are limiting its growth. For example, many complain that Cannabis is only famous for its intoxicating properties. However, reports show that Cannabis cannot induce a euphoric feeling in individuals. Similarly, there are several misconceptions about vaping, and we must clear them to help smokers get rid of nicotine, as many consider it an ideal alternative to smoking. So, let’s take a quick quiz about CBD vape pens to understand if you should start vaping.

Is Vaping Safe?

The recurrence of vaping as an alternative to smoking raises eyebrows, as conventional vapes are no different from cigarettes. The traditional ones also contain tobacco which is the crucial reason one should avoid smoking. However, the vaping industry is evolving, and to attract Gen Zers and Millennials, they are replacing tobacco with Cannabis – an organic compound that the human body interacts with. But how can that help with one’s smoking habit?


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Though nicotine may slightly have an intoxicating effect on human brains, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the brain, tricking it into thinking that it is receiving nicotine. The key difference here is that individuals do not experience the side effects of nicotine, like an increased heartbeat or high blood pressure, after consuming CBD in a controlled dosage.

Therefore, experts replaced the nicotine in vape juice or oil with CBD extract to test if the results were the same. To their surprise, it came out better, meaning fluffier clouds and the absence of the harmful effects of nicotine. So now that you know CBD is safe and your body may interact with it without causing any severe consequences, let’s find out what else you should know about it.

Is CBD Psychoactive?

The most straightforward answer is no. CBD does not contain alkaloids that can cause a euphoric feeling. Cannabis typically consists of thousands of enzymes but does not contain mitragynine, an abundance of tetrahydrocannabinol, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine – alkaloids responsible for the sedative effect. Therefore, it cannot make a person feel dizzy or produce a sedative effect. However, it is infamous in the recreational industry as individuals exploit it.

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But here comes the tricky part. Though Cannabis is not psychoactive, CBD vape pens may induce a sedative effect as vape juice or oil contains THC in small portions. THC is also an organic compound that may cause psychoactive effects on the user. So, you may choose a pen containing THC in lesser amounts or an intense concentration.

Is It Potent?

Well, it depends. The potency of every organic product depends on its purity, an individual’s capacity, the amount of product they consume, and its body ratio. Coming to the purity of the product, customers cannot control it but may choose a product that is 100% pure. The presence of chemicals in organic products may harm their potency or even destroy them. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to ensure that the products are clean.

Vape Potent

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An individual’s capacity is how much a human can consume a particular product without experiencing side effects. It develops over time, and experienced users usually tolerate more CBD extract than a beginner. However, it happens initially as an alien substance to the human body. Thus, brands recommend that beginners not consume more than 3 to 5 grams of the extract.

The potency of the product also depends on the quantity one consumes. For example, if an experienced user consumes too less quantity, they may not experience any change in their body. Similarly, if beginners mistakenly consume more than the recommended dosage, they experience overwhelming effects.

Interestingly, how one experiences CBD extract potency also depends on the body ratio. For example, a person with a sturdy build may only share the effects if they consume more products. On the other hand, a weak figure may not tolerate the product’s effects if consumed in larger quantities.

Is It Affordable?

Affordability plays an essential role in an individual’s preference. People usually prefer chemical products as they are affordable, and vendors can mark them at low prices as the ingredients are of low quality and readily available. Manufacturers of chemical products also do not have to invest many resources in purifying the toxins from the products. However, it’s the opposite for organic products. Manufacturers who deal with them usually have to invest a lot in sourcing organic compounds.

Furthermore, during the manufacturing process, the products usually go through the triple purification method, which involves many resources. Therefore, organic products may be slightly more expensive than chemical ones, but one can still grab them within their budget. Here are some of the ways:

  • Discounts

Brands that sell organic products often run year-round discounts so that regular customers and even newbies can get their hands on them. You can get the highest deals during the festive season or while stock clearance – therefore, you can stock up your pile during these times. New customers also get special discounts on their first purchases.

  • Vouchers

Brands often offer vouchers to their regular customers, or one can grab them on third-party websites. They are an excellent alternative to get a great deal on your purchase.

  • Bulk Purchases

Customers mind paying shipping charges more than high product prices. So, brands offer free shipping when a customer places orders in bulk. For example, the brand CBDfx provides free shipping of products if you place an order worth $100 or more.

Typically 5 grams of vape juice costs $20, and a good-quality vape pen may cost you $65 to $80. We recommend investing in vape pens as they will last long. Other money-saving ways include using a referral code or joining the brand’s affiliate program.

Final Words

The article gives you a broad view of vape pens, their use, and a brief idea of whether they are worth your money or time. The practice of vaping is growing, and individuals who are on their journey to quitting the bad habit of smoking should give it a try.  To know more about CBD vape pens you can go through cbdnews.