Persian ice cream parlors owner, Emilio Persico, Story Behind The ‘Lord of the Plans’

Emilio Pérsico is the originator of the Persian ice cream parlors. He leads the MTD Evita, commonly known as the Movement of Unemployed Workers Evita.

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Emilio Persico Story Behind The ‘Lord of the Plans’ Particulars

While in Sweden, Emilio felt obligated to face “the system.” After getting into contact with a “revolutionary” who was collecting wire transfers sent to him by his family in La Plata, the authorities in Sweden decided to arrest and remove him without giving any explanation. After that, he was unable to return to his revolutionary cause. His operation stopped when he received a phone call from a bank manager in Spain who demanded the presence of Spanish law enforcement agents.

This is because he did not accept the word of a beggar who wanted to collect $1,000 from Buenos Aires. Therefore, after several days of having the picketer in detention, Spain recommended that he continue his doubtful exile in another nation. Because of this, he decided to test his luck in Mexico, where he attempted to deliver a speech on “socialism” to the people descended from Pancho Villa.

Therefore, to live up to his nickname, the little mouse “Speedy” González, he had to take a speedy voyage to the city of La Plata. When he went back, he was outraged and compelled to work as an apprentice at numerous different factories. He was a pest to the foremen, and he would challenge their political ideas when they sent him to the bathroom to flush the toilet.

Peronismo Revolucionario and Peronismo que Resiste

After being dismissed from multiple industries, he found refuge in Intransigence and Mobilization, managed by Vicente Leónidas Saadi. Later, he joined Peronismo Revolucionario and Peronismo que Resiste, which were both groups that co-founded Quebracho. He remained a member of Peronismo que Resiste for several years before returning to the PJ. Pérsico can build a footing in Argentina’s artisanal ice cream parlor sector due to his business model.

At the moment, the Pérsicco ice cream shop operates out of six opulent locations in the cities of Palermo (on Salguero and Cabello), Belgrano (on Migueletes and Mauré, within the complex ‘La Imprenta’ and Vuelta de Obligado 2092, in the premises adjoining the church ‘La Ronda of Cabildo and Juramento), Caballito (on Rivadavia 4933), (in the Nordelta country shopping center) (in the Nordelta country shopping center).

These restaurants demand high fees and cater to a philosophically very clientele, unlike those who support the Evita Movement. They also ask destitute youngsters normally spotted begging in the vicinity to retire with them.

Emilio Persico Age, Family, Early Life

Emilio Pérsico was born on November 13, 1948. His Zodiac sign is Scorpio. He holds an Argentina nationality and he belongs to white ethnicity.

emilio persico family
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The specifics of Emilio Persico’s high school or the faculty he graduated from are all being investigated.

Emilio Persico Wife, What about his Relationship?

There isn’t any information available on Emilio Persico’s relationship. If we find any information about his relationship we will update you later.

Emilio Persico Career, What is his profession?

Emilio Pérsico is in charge of the MTD Evita, which is also called the Movement of Unemployed Workers Evita. This outfit is deployed by the Kirchner regime as one of its shock troops. It is noted for not being tolerant and being violent. Emilio Pérsico leads the MTD Evita, commonly known as the Movement of Unemployed Workers Evita.

This group is one of the shock soldiers utilized by the Kirchner administration. It is notorious for its intolerance and violent behavior. This made him a chronic student at Colegio San José de La Plata. At 19, after being a student at numerous different schools, he was ejected from the educational system because he spent his time engaging in political activities.

In contrast to his family, the commander of the piqueteros never had any interest in working. Hence, he joined the JP (Peronist Youth) during the unification process of the FAR and Montoneros, where he was given the name “Arturo.”

How much is Emilio Persico Net Worth?

We do not have any specific information regarding Emilio Persico’s net worth.

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Which school and college did he go to?

Emilio Pérsico is the UES (Union of Secondary Students) of the Alianza de la Juventud Peronista in La Plata.

Is he available on any kind of social media platform?

Emilio Persico is Available on Facebook and Twitter. She has 2,738+ followers on Twitter.

Physical Appearance of Emilio Persico’s Height, Weight

HeightNot Available
Hair ColorBald
Eye colorBlack
WeightNot Available
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Emilio Persico’s should be known

Zodiac signScorpio
Relationship StatusNot Available