Ebony Simpson, was abducted, r*ped, and murdered by Killer Andrew Peter, arrested

The murder of Ebony Simpson occurred on 19 August 1992 in Bargo, New South Wales, Australia. Aged nine years, Simpson was abducted, r$ped, and murdered by asphyxiation when Andrew Peter Garforth (born 5 August 1963) drowned her. Garforth pleaded guilty to the offenses and was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of release.

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Killer Andrew Peter in jail for killing 9-year-old child Ebony Simpson

Ebony Simpson exited her school bus on August 19, 1992. She had Simpson’s older brother pick her up and drive her home after his bus came because her mother typically met her at the bus stop that day but was otherwise occupied. Sadly, when his bus arrived later than usual, Simpson wasn’t there. After failing to meet her brother at the bus terminal, Simpson decided to start her short-distance walk home. Simpson was looking forward to seeing her brother at home.

The instant the officers arrived, they thought Simpson had been kidnapped rather than escaped. Near the place where Simpson boarded the bus, a man who was seen working on his car has drawn suspicion. Over 100 individuals, including police, firefighters, State Emergency Service officers, and volunteers, began scouring the area for Simpson. On August 21, two days after her death, authorities located Simpson’s body in a dam at a wildlife refuge close to her home. Later that day, when Andrew Peter Garforth was taken into custody, he confessed to the killing.

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Garforth pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release. After the police apprehended him, Garforth confessed to the crime and showed no remorse during the confessions and legal processes. He was condemned to life in prison in 1993 after confessing to the Simpson murder. Judge Peter Neumann declined to specify a time of non-parole, therefore orders were issued to seal Garforth’s papers “never being released.”

Ebony Simpson Age, Family, Early Life

She holds an Australian nationality. She belongs to the white ethnicity. Her born date and Zodiac sign are unknown.

ebony simpson family

Simpson’s parents, Christine and Peter Simpson joined forces with Grace and Garry Lynch, the parents of New South Wales 1986 murder victim Anita Cobby, to launch the Homicide Victims Support Group. The group provides support to the families of murder victims and lobbies for victims’ rights.