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David Miller posts an emotional video on social media titled “RIP my little rockstar.”

David Miller posted a tearful video on social media saying farewell to his “LITTLE PRINCESS” before the IND vs. SA 2nd ODI on Sunday. Although some rumors claimed that the young woman was the Proteas player’s daughter, it is thought that she is one of his biggest supporters back home and is related to the seasoned left-hander. It is unknown if the young woman in Miller’s post is his daughter, a close friend, or just a fan.

There have been some unverified rumors that the girl was a fan of Miller and was battling cancer. After her death from cancer at the age of 5, David Miller sent a heartfelt farewell tribute to his biggest admirer. Miller, who is presently touring with the South African cricket team in India, subsequently uploaded a touching video that featured some of his favorite interactions with his “little rockstar.”

Going to miss you so much my skut! Miller had written in an earlier piece. I’ve never met somebody with a bigger heart. You elevated the conflict by battling with an upbeat attitude and a grin on your face at all times. You have a cheeky, mischievous side.

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On your trip, you accepted every individual and every obstacle. I learned so much from you about appreciating each and every moment of life! I feel honored to have traveled with you. You have my utmost affection.

According to several media sources, Miller’s daughter is the youngster in the video. However, sources also cite a supporter who was intimately linked to the South African bat as the suspect. Miller has not yet provided official confirmation.