Who is Daidus? Did he Reveal His face? Age, Nationality, Net Worth

Daidus is an American-Asian Youtube story-time animator, illustrator, comedian, and voice actor. His art is characterized by his cartoon and anime illustrations. He is half-Asian as in one of his tweets he says he is Chinese, Cambodian, Irish, and Lithuanian.

Daidus has even made an appearance on the 99th episode of Trash Taste Podcast. He has a knack for arts and paintings and has even posted rough sketches on his social media handles. In just around six years of joining Youtube, he has amassed millions of subscribers on the video sharing platform. Dadius is enlisted as one of the biggest names in the world of Youtube storytime animators.

Has Daidus done a Face Reveal?

Yes, Daidus has already done a face reveal through his Youtube Video. He posted a video on July 3, 2019, with the title Face Reveal and the post has gained about 3 Million followers to this dateas the time of this article writing.

The artist claims to have extremely Blue hair and could be seen eating noodles with a fork in one hand and chopstick on other hand, showcasing both American and Asian Lifestyle. He is half Asian, that is, one of his parents has an origin in Asia. According to social media, we came to know that his mom is Asian.

Daidus’s Real Name and Age

Daidus is 23 years old in 2022 and was born on May 23, 1999, and comes from an artistic family as his grandfather is an artist too. The storytime animator and voice actor’s art is characterized by his cartoon/ anime illustrations.

daidus age

Unlike his partner, Daidus has not disclosed his real name to the public because of privacy reasons.

Daidus’s Net Worth in 2022

Daidus’s estimated net worth is 50K to 1.5 Million USD. His monthly income from Youtube is estimated to be 2600 USD and his annual earning is estimated to be 31K USD.

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Given his over 1 Million subscribers on this platform and over 90 Million views, it’s to be expected that he might have accumulated quite a fortune.

Daidus on Social Media

Daidus has a good following on his social media handles. He has around 232K+ followers on his Instagram. He has 235K followers on Twitter. Daidus has 1.65 Million+ subscribers on his official Youtube channel.