Crimson Apple Band Members Ages And Ethnicity

Crimson Apple is an all-female pop/rock band originally from Hawaii. The band consists of four sisters: Colby Benson (lead vocals, guitar), Shelby Benson (vocals, bass), Carthi Benson (vocals, drums), and Faith Benson (vocals, keyboards). They formed the band in 2012 and have since gained recognition for their energetic performances, catchy pop melodies, and harmonious vocals.

The band’s musical style is a fusion of pop, rock, and alternative, with influences from various genres such as R&B and punk. Their songs often feature relatable lyrics and catchy hooks, reflecting themes of empowerment, love, and personal experiences. They are known for their tight harmonies, polished instrumentals, and energetic stage presence.

Crimson Apple gained significant attention in 2018 when they appeared on the reality TV show “American Idol.” Their performances on the show helped them expand their fan base and further establish their presence in the music industry. Since then, they have been actively touring and releasing new music.

In terms of discography, Crimson Apple has released several singles and EPs. Their debut EP, “Hello,” was released in 2015, followed by the EP “Somebody” in 2017. They have released singles such as “Can’t Get Out of Bed,” “Sorry Now,” and “Somebody.”

The band has performed at various festivals and events, including the Vans Warped Tour and the Sunset Sessions Rock Music Festival. They have also shared the stage with renowned artists like All Time Low, Third Eye Blind, and Orianthi.

Crimson Apple has a strong presence on social media platforms, where they interact with their fans and share updates about their music and performances. They have a dedicated following, and their fans, known as “Apple Seeds,” are known for their passionate support.

Crimson Apple’s Band Members are siblings

These four bandmates come from the same household and are siblings born to their parents David Benson and Rebecca Benson. They have very supportive parents who have given their best in the upbringing of the sisters and have always been their number one fan.

Crimson Apple Band Siblings

They had the impression that their daughter’s chic appearance and alluring voice would be a success everywhere they went. Their main objective is for Crimson Apple’s songs to be heard by a large number of people and bring delight to pop music fans all over the world.

Meet The Members of Crimson Apple

Crimson Apple is a band of girls who play pop-alternative music. They are from Hawaii but now live in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of four sisters named Colby Benson, Shelby Benson, Carthi Benson, and Faith Benson (who plays the drums), along with their close family friend Rachel Look.

They are known for their exciting live performances and their outfits that are mostly red and black. They are influenced by many different types of music but their style is similar to bands like Paramore, Young the Giant, and ONE OK ROCK, a rock band from Japan.

Originally, Colby, Shelby, and Rachel were part of a band called “The Colby Benson Band,” but some of their other band members left, so they didn’t have a bassist or drummer. In August 2012, they made some big changes to the band by adding Carthi and Faith, who are the youngest sisters, and they decided to change the name of the band to Crimson Apple.

Crimson Apple Band Members

Shelby is the oldest sister among her siblings. She was born on September 18, 1992, and started playing the bass when she was 13. She is a guitarist who also sings in the background. Shelby is currently 30 years old. Similarly, Colby Benson was born on December 12, 1994. In the group, Colby sings lead vocals and plays the main keyboard. Colby is now 28 years old.

Carthy, who is 24 years old, plays the drums and sings backup, while Faith is the lead singer. Faith Benson was born on May 11, 2002, and is currently 21 years old. She is the drummer for the band. The four sisters are known for their energetic and intense live performances, often wearing red and black clothing, which has become their signature style.

Ethnicity and nationality of the Crimson Apple Band members

Crimson Apple is an American band formed with four sisters as its members. Since all these bandmates come from the same household and have the same parents, they all share the same ethnicity and parents.

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They were all born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. The members share mixed ethnicity being originally from Hawaii.

When did the Crimson Apple Band first come together as one?

The Benson sisters grew up in a beautiful place in Hawaii with a loving family and community that supported their talents. They lived in a wonderful town, but they were tempted by the idea of finding success in a big city like Los Angeles.

The Benson sisters write songs based on their own experiences and feelings as they chase their dreams. Their music style is a mix of different genres like pop, electronic, alternative, K-pop, J-pop, and indie-pop. They draw inspiration from a variety of artists such as Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Twenty-One Pilots, and others.

Crimson Apple is made up of four members: Colby Benson is the lead singer and plays the keyboard, Shelby Benson plays the guitar and sings, Carthi Benson plays the bass and sings, and Faith Benson plays the drums. Since they formed the band in 2012, they have had the opportunity to perform with well-known artists like Will Champlain, Switchfoot, All Time Low, The Green, HAPA, and One Republic. Their first album, “Hello,” came out in 2015 and received airplay in Hawaii and on the internet. They were also nominated for several awards at the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, which is like Hawaii’s version of the Grammy Awards.

In 2015, Crimson Apple moved to California to focus on their music career. Since then, they have performed at many venues in California, Nevada, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. The band is currently signed with Amuse Group USA, Inc., a prominent Japanese entertainment company that represents artists like ONE OK ROCK, BABYMETAL, and Perfume.