Rapper Chris Kaba, 20, fatally shot by the Police

Chris Kaba, aged 20, died in Hospital in the early hours of Tuesday morning after being shot at about 10 pm on Monday night in Streatham Hill.

Metropolitan Police officers said they used a tactic where they deliberately crashed into a car in an attempt to bring the chase to an end in Kirkstall Gardens, a residential road.

Mr. Kaba was a rapper known as Madix or Maditch 67. Heartbroken pals also revealed he is due to become a dad for the first time.

How did the police shoot, Chris Kaba?

Five police cars containing “specialist firearms officers” and the Met helicopter are understood to have been part of the dramatic chase last night. Horrified locals described hearing a “loud bang” as the shooting unfolded just before 10 pm.

Police watchdog the Independent Office for Police Conduct has launched a probe, which is standard after a police shooting.

Police have not yet released details of why Chris was being pursued.

Tribute to Chris Kaba from his Family

Karimah Waite was engaged to Mr.Kaba and was about to become a dad for the first time. His family and his Fiance’s Family paid tribute to him saying many good things and good habits about Chris Gaba.

Karimah, his Fiance said “ He was so loved. He was so funny. He was super kind. Crazy. He was always happy.

chris kaba age

He’d do anything for you. He was a Fiance, he was due to get married in five months’ time. He’s got a baby on the way that he’s never going to see. It’s so horrible and so shocking and so sad”

Ms. Alleyne, Karimah’s Mom said “ My daughter is in tremendous pain. She cannot process her feelings because it’s a type of pain that you cannot explain. The baby is due in November.”

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Jefferson Bosela, Kaba’s Cousin said “He was a good person, A good, happy guy. He didn’t deserve that. No one deserves that.”

What exactly happened in the Scene? Said by Locals

A 39-years old man, who lives on nearby New Park Road and asked not to be named, said “ The Driver drove up New Park Road and turned up at Kirkstall Gardens.” And also added, “A police car came down Kirkstall Garden and crashed into him. Another police car came in behind him and they had him locked in at the bottom of Kirkstall Gardens. The car was immobile and he was shot.”