Who Are Chris Distefano Mom And Dad? What’s His Parent’s Profession?

Chris Distefano is an American comedian, actor, and writer. He was born on August 26, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn and later moved to Staten Island.

Distefano started his career as a stand-up comedian in 2007 and has since performed at comedy clubs across the United States. He has also made numerous television appearances, including on shows like “Guy Code,” “Girl Code,” and “SafeWord.” In 2018, he co-created and starred in the Comedy Central series “Stupid Questions with Chris Distefano.”He is known for his irreverent sense of humor, which often incorporates his personal experiences and observations.

Quick info

Full real birth NameChristopher Paul Anthony Distefano 
Nationality American 
Age38  years 
Zodiac sign Virgo
Date of birth August 26, 1984
Place of birth Brooklyn, New York
Ethnicity White
DadTony Distefano
MomDonna Distefano
Sexuality Straight

Chris Distefano is a Queens Native of mixed German-Italian descent

Distefano is a native of Queens, born in 1984 (age 38 years), which is a borough of New York City. He has primarily German ancestry, but he also has some Italian and Irish heritage.

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He grew up in Queens and attended Archbishop Molloy High School, which is a Catholic school that is well-known for its athletic programs.

Chris Disefano wishes his mother Donna Distefano on Mother’s Day

Donna Distefano is the mother of Chris Distefano, who shares a close bond with her as she raised him alone after his parent’s separation when he was a child. Chris once recounted a moment he experienced during the 9/11 terrorist attack that involved his mother. In a 2015 Facebook post, he described how he had feared losing her as she worked near or in the World Trade Center. Upon hearing the news, he became overwhelmed with emotion and believed he had lost his mother. However, when he returned home from school, he found her waiting for him.

Chris consistently expressed affection for his mother during his stand-up comedy shows and interviews. On one occasion, he posted a video on Twitter in which he wished her a happy Mother’s Day.

He began the video by conveying his warm wishes to Donna on Mother’s Day and expressing his love and longing for her. He then infused some humor into the video as he apologized for his past actions and antics. One amusing incident he mentioned was when he urinated in the laundry basket a few times as a child, with the intention of making the bag heavier. He hoped that when Donna asked him to take it downstairs, he would feel like he was getting a good workout and become more attractive to a girl named Jenny. However, this plan did not work out as expected, and Jenny did not take notice of him.

Chris Distefano’s Dad is an old-school Brooklyn-Bronx Italian

Tony Distefano is the father of Chirs Distefano. He often mentions his father during his standup comedies and many other platforms. For instance, In a conversation with The Dad Club on YouTube, Chris shared some fond memories of his father during his childhood. One such instance was when his father stood up for his mother by punching the father of a friend who had dumped her after a brief relationship and started dating someone else in close proximity.

Additionally, Chris shared another memory of a baseball game with his father. During the game, his father convinced a security guard that Chris had special needs to get them good seats at the stadium.

Chris Distefano Dad

Despite being introduced as a retired knock-around guy, an ex-con, and a degenerate gambler during Chris’s appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, Tony is an old-school Brooklyn-Bronx Italian and a father who stood up for his family.

Chris humorously teased his father’s style of wearing a mask by posting a picture on his Instagram account. In the same post, he also wished his father a happy pride month.

Distefano is a Basketball Hall of Famer at St. Joseph’s College

After completing high school, he enrolled at St. Joseph’s College, where he studied psychology and played basketball. He completed his studies in 2006 and graduated from college.

During his time at St. Joseph’s College, Distefano was also offered a D-III basketball scholarship to play for St. Joseph’s College Brooklyn in 2002. He proved to be a valuable asset to the team, becoming its top scorer. His impressive performance on the court earned him a place in the university’s Hall of Fame in 2018.

Chris Distefano has a doctorate in Physical therapy

Distefano graduated from the New York Institute of Technology in 2010 with a doctorate in physical therapy. He continued working as a pediatric physical therapist up until 2013 when he made the decision to devote himself fully to his comedic career.

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Chris DiStefano’s favorite sketch is “Van Down By The River” from Saturday Night Live

Fresh off his appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Seth Meyers, cherish Himself is a huge Sketch Fan and he has revealed Van Down By the River from Saturday Night Live is his all-time Favorite Sketch in one of his youtube Video.

Chris Distenfano used to Host Gigs and Festival Performances

Chris commenced his stand-up comedy career in 2009, initially serving as a host for various comedy programs. He hosted both the Elite 8 and the Fencing Masters in 2011, and in the following year, he hosted the March Madness Comedy Competition on Broadway. In 2011, he was also selected as a finalist for the New York Comedy Festival and participated in several other festivals, such as the Laugh Lounge and Comedy Cellar.

Chris Distefano dated Carly Aquilino

Distefano dated comedian Carly Aquilino from 2010 to 2014. she is an American stand-up comedian, actress, and television personality who is best known for her work as a cast member on the MTV series “Girl Code” and “SafeWord.”

However, they are good friends as during an event, Aquilino and Chris Distefano provided stand-up and a question-and-answer segment at the end of the show which unintentionally revolved around students asking questions about the couple’s breakup. As the questions flew, they calmly laughed off the awkwardness and admitted they are still very close friends.

Chris Distefano is a married to Jazzy DIstefano

Chris Distefano is married to Jazzy Distefano who is an American fitness instructor, spin instructor, personal trainer, and Zumba instructor. She is best known as the wife of Chris Distefano, an American stand-up comedian, and actor.

Chris Distefano Wife Jazzy Dlstefano

Jasmine Canuelas AKA Jazzy was born on April 17, 1984, to Edward Distefano and Liz Canuelas. She is the wife of Chris Distefano and has a great relationship with her younger sister, Jessica Canuelas. Chris and Jazzy got married in 2015. 

Likewise, Jazzy is also known as a social media influencer who provides fitness classes through her YouTube channel and Instagram page. she covers a wide range of fitness topics, but she is particularly recognized for her workout approach called BTM, which stands for Bodyweight Training to Music

Chris Distefano has two children with his wife Carly Aquilino

Chris Distefano is a father to 2 children. Delilah Distefano and Violette Luna Distefano are the two children he shares with his wife Carly Aquilino. 

Chris Distefano Wife Jazzy Dlstefano and Childrens

Chris Distefano has a net worth of $3 million

American comedian Chris Distefano has a $3 million net worth. The fact that Chris is a well-known comedian and a prominent figure on social media has raised his net worth. 

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Chris Distefano has a huge social media following

Chris Distefano is on Instagram as @chriscomedy with 616k followers. He is verified on Twitter as well as @chriscomedy with 275.2k followers.