Let’s Talk about Anita Hegh Married Life, Including her First Partner to Pregnancy Journey

Anita Hegh is an accomplished Australian actress, known for her captivating performances on both stage and screen. She has a remarkable talent for bringing complex characters to life and has won widespread critical acclaim for her work in various Australian productions.

One of her most notable roles was as Ellen ‘Mac’ Mackenzie in the popular Australian television series “Stingers.” The show followed the lives of an undercover police unit in Melbourne, and Hegh’s portrayal of Mac, a skilled and tough undercover operative, was a standout performance. Her work on the show earned her a nomination for the Silver Logie Award for Most Popular Actress in 2000.

In more recent years, Hegh has continued to impress audiences with her work in the legal drama series “Janet King,” where she played the character of Bianca Grieve. The show, which aired on ABC from 2014 to 2017, followed the trials and tribulations of a senior crown prosecutor. Hegh’s nuanced performance as Grieve, a criminal defense barrister, was praised for its subtlety and complexity.

Aside from her television work, Hegh is also a highly accomplished stage actress, having performed in numerous productions throughout Australia. She has worked with some of the country’s most prestigious theatre companies, including the Sydney Theatre Company and the Melbourne Theatre Company, and has been praised for her performances in productions such as “The Crucible,” “The Wild Duck,” and “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.”

Hegh’s Quiet Upbringing and Family’s Connection to Stalin

As Hegh grew up, her family was characterized as “very quiet”. Her father, a retired deep-sea diver, and photographer who now makes jewelry is of Norwegian descent, while her mother, who is of Swedish-Estonian origin, is an artist. Despite their appreciation for the arts, Hegh’s family did not discuss it much and did not engage in arguments or speak their minds openly. However, their family history is shrouded in mystery.

Anita Hegh Parents

Hegh’s maternal grandfather, who was Estonian, served as an army bureaucrat and had to travel to Russia regularly to meet with Stalin. Hegh’s family possesses a photo of her grandfather with the infamous Russian dictator. When war broke out, he had to go into hiding as he was one of the first people the authorities were after.

His brother was tortured and killed, and Hegh’s mother, who was just three months old at the time, along with her grandmother, had to flee to a refugee camp in the British sector of Germany. They had no idea where he was, but he managed to find them years later. Hegh’s grandfather then brought the family to Australia, where he began working in a chocolate factory.

Anita Hegh Former Marriage with Peter Evans

Anita Hegh is currently married to Jay McEvoy. However, she has been previously married once. She was previously married to a Theatre director Peter Evans. The couple was married from 2001 to 2007.

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During their marriage, Anita and Peter did not have any children together. Although the partnership with Peter did not work out, he was able to find happiness elsewhere.

Meet Anita Hegh’s current husband, Jay McEvoy

Jay McEvoy, who is the partner of Anita Hegh, hails from Perth, a coastal city in Western Australia. According to Flagstaff Marine’s website, Jay was raised in Perth, and his love for the ocean began at a young age when he used to sail on the Swan River. He was fascinated by the competitive racing that took place on the river, and he actively participated, helping his class fleets win.

Anita Hegh Partner Jay Mcevoy

In the 1990s, Jay moved to Sydney and shifted his focus to cruiser sailing and racing on the East Coast. He has spent the last three decades in the industry, owning a significant number of boats and facing challenges firsthand. Jay’s passion and dedication to the maritime industry earned him honors and awards. He obtained his RYA Yacht Master certification and joined the Flagstaff crew, where he oversees their sales division.

Anita and Jay long waited for her pregnancy

The couple had been in a long-term relationship, having spent a significant amount of time together. The first instance of their relationship being made public was when she shared a post on social media. In the post, she was seen enjoying a swim in the pool at the Bar Reef Resort.

In 2017, the couple had gone on a voyage on the open seas together. They had to face numerous challenges, including navigating treacherous waters while wearing protective gear. However, they persevered through the hardships, and their bond grew stronger through the experience.

Anita Hegh Pregnancy

Despite leading an active and fulfilling life together, the couple yearned for a child to complete their happiness. In an interview with The Saturday Paper, she expressed that having a child through a typical pregnancy was an unusual experience, given that she had found her soulmate later in life.

After several attempts with IVF, they made little progress. However, one day, she was overjoyed to discover that she was pregnant. It was a moment of immense happiness for the couple, and they felt truly blessed.

To share her excitement with the world, she held her protruding belly in front of a dimly lit room and passionately revealed her pregnancy.

Anita Hegh and Jay McEvoy Became parents in 2019

Anita and Jay welcomed their daughter Edie Anne-Maret into the world in September 2019. Edie’s arrival was celebrated with an outpouring of love from her extended family, and she was raised in an environment where she was cherished above all else. Her parents had made the decision to leave behind their risky lifestyles to prioritize their daughter’s well-being.

Anita was especially pleased that Edie had her grandmother, a talented artist, in her life, although she wished there was a stronger connection between the two. Unfortunately, the family was forced to stay in a friend’s flat in New Zealand when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, leading to a financial crisis that caused them to lose their previous home. In the midst of these difficult circumstances, Anita found solace in her profession, which allowed her to take on different roles and escape from her worries.

Despite their demanding careers, Jay and Anita managed to maintain a harmonious relationship as co-parents. They recognized the importance of communicating before disappearing for a few days, as both of their jobs required significant time and energy. As Jay’s first child, he had already gained valuable experience in caring for children and was an excellent parent to Edie, changing diapers and providing her with fantastic care.