A Huge Explosions outside Kabul airport, U.S., civilian casualties, 13 people Dies Live updates

13 people Died in Kabul Airport Explosion, More updates:

Source CNN: According to the Pentagon, at least two explosions occurred near the Abbey Gate near the Hamid Karzai International Airport, as seen from the ground in Kabul.

A “complex attack” resulted in “a number” of US and civilian casualties, according to the Pentagon.

One explosion occurred at Abbey Gate, while another occurred “at or near” the Baron Hotel, which is located close to Abbey Gate.

From The BBC about Kabul Aairport Explosion

Source BBC: In an explosion near a hotel,’ many people were injured.’
An incident near the Baron Hotel, where the UK is processing Britons and Afghans eligible for evacuation, caused “several injuries,” according to Alicia Kearns, a member of the foreign affairs and national security strategy committees.

The Conservative MP wrote on Twitter: “A bomb or attack with gunfire at the northern gate of Baron’s Hotel. Worried this will devastate evacuation – so many hurt. My heart is with all those injured and killed.”

Nus Ghani, a colleague, claimed she was on the phone with someone outside Kabul airport when the incident occurred. She then stated that he was “OK” and on his way to a “safe house.”

Lisa Nandy, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, described the news from Kabul as “devastating.” “This is a heinous and cowardly attack on people who are already fleeing unspeakable tragedies,” she added.

“My thoughts are with the Afghan people, as well as the British, American, and international forces who have stayed at the airport to rescue as many lives as possible.”

From the TheSun about Kabul Airport Explosion

Source TheSun: The first blow at Abbey Gate was triggered by a suicide bomb, according to a US official, but initial reports suggested the second blast was caused by a car bomb.

Two bombs were heard minutes apart near the Abbey Gate on the airport’s southern side.

The horrible blasts are thought to be the work of ISIS.

The strikes were “very likely” carried out by the Afghan affiliate of the so-called Islamic State, ISIS-K, according to a British defense source quoted by Sky News.

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“We can confirm that the explosion at the Abbey Gate was the result of a complicated attack that resulted in a number of US and civilian casualties,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

“At least one more explosion has been confirmed at or near the Baron Hotel, which is a short distance from Abbey Gate. We’ll keep you updated.”

Thousands of people have gathered at the gate for the past 12 days, waiting to be evacuated after the Taliban seized power. Three US troops and scores of civilians were among those injured in the mayhem.