Zarna Garg Opens Up About Her Husband Shalabh Garg and Daughter Zoya

Zarna Garg, an Indian-born American screenwriter, and stand-up comedian, has been captivating audiences with her unique blend of humor and cultural insight. With an impressive repertoire that spans writing, producing, performing, and marketing complete shows featuring Indians, Zarna has established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

One of the notable achievements in Garg’s career is her recognition as an award-winning comedic writer. In 2019, she was honored with the Best Comedy Screenplay Award at the prestigious Austin Film Festival for her work on the romantic comedy “Rearranged.” This accolade not only showcases her talent for crafting humorous and engaging narratives but also highlights her ability to resonate with diverse audiences.

Garg’s comedic prowess extends beyond the silver screen. Some of her notable appearances include “This American Life,” “Lyft Comics,” “Gutsy,” and the “Tamron Hall Show.” These platforms have provided Zarna Garg with a wider reach, allowing her to connect with audiences on a more personal level and share her unique perspective.

In a recent announcement that caught the attention of many, Garg talks about entrepreneur and tech visionary Elon Musk in one of her youtube interviews with Talks at Google.

Zarna’s life before fame

Zarna Garg was born to her parents in India. She was a teen while she resided in Mumbai. When Garg was fourteen, her mother passed away from jaundice. The day following the death, Zarna Garg was required by her father to be married. Garg left the house and remained with friends and family rather than getting married in an arranged marriage. Later, she relocated to Akron, Ohio, where she now resides with her sister.

Prior to embarking on her comedy journey, she obtained a law license from the state of New York and worked as an attorney. However, with the birth of her daughter, Zarna Garg made the decision to leave her legal career behind and prioritize her family. For 16 years, she dedicated her time and energy to raising her daughter and ensuring a nurturing environment for her growth.

It was during this time that Garg found the inspiration and courage to pursue her true passion: comedy. Encouraged by her daughter, Zoya Garg, she took the leap and left the comforts of her home to embark on a career in the entertainment industry. This bold decision marked a turning point in her life, as she dove headfirst into the world of comedy, determined to make a mark with her unique voice and perspective.

Zarna Garg has been married for two decades to her Husband

Zarna married Shalabh Garg in 1998 Shalabh Garg. Her husband is a highly skilled fund manager with an impressive career trajectory. Born and raised in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, Shalabh comes from a family with Rekha and Radhey Shyam Garg as his parents.

From the information extracted from his Linkedin Profile, In 1996, Shalabh completed his studies in BTech chemical engineering at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. Eager to expand his knowledge and skills in the world of business, he pursued an MBA from Columbia Business School.

After completing his MBA, Shalabh embarked on a career in finance and investment. He joined Morgan Stanley, a renowned financial institution, as the Vice-President and IR Derivative Trade. His expertise and strategic thinking propelled him forward, and after three successful years at Morgan Stanley, he made a move to Nomura Asset Management.

Zarna Garg Husband Shalabh Garg

At Nomura Asset Management, Shalabh held the esteemed position of chief investment officer for an impressive 15 years.

Seeking new opportunities and challenges, Shalabh spent nearly two years in New York City working as a portfolio manager at HC Technologies, LLC.

With a wealth of experience under his belt, Shalabh then took on the role of executive director and consultant at Fort L.P., where he contributed his expertise to further enhance the company’s financial operations.

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Later, Shalabh established Tesseract Macro, a financial firm located in downtown Manhattan. Drawing on his 22 years of experience in the field, Tesseract Macro focuses on running a Managed plan that leverages daily liquidity to target profits while still employing traditional directed trading methods. Shalabh’s visionary leadership and expertise ensure that Tesseract Macro delivers exceptional results and remains at the forefront of the industry.

Zarna Garg has three kids

Zarna and her husband are proud parents of three children. Among them, Zarna finds her firstborn daughter to be a constant source of inspiration.

The renowned comedian, Zarna, has three delightful kids named Zoya, Brij, and Veer. She often shares hilarious content featuring her children on her social media platform.

However, due to her demanding work schedule, Zarna’s boys had to adapt to taking care of one another.

Veer, who is eleven years old, takes special care to maintain a quiet environment at home so that his brother can concentrate on studying for the SATs.

Brij, the seventeen-year-old, willingly wakes up early every day to prepare breakfast for his younger sibling.

Zarna Garg Children and Family

During the pandemic, Veer cleverly set up his computer to play his mother’s YouTube videos in the background while he focuses on his academic work and indulges in video games.

Brij, on the other hand, plays a vital role as the family’s mediator. He is not only a dedicated athlete with two seasons under his belt but also practices yoga to find balance.

Although Brij had been an avid squash player for most of his life, he had to give up the sport when he transferred to Bec public school, which unfortunately didn’t offer a squash program. However, this change sparked his interest in other sports, leading him to explore new athletic pursuits.

Zoya the firstborn Daughter of Zarna is her biggest support

Zoya Garg, the eldest child of the comedian, is blazing a trail in the comedy industry. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is the visionary CEO of Comedy Wires, a cutting-edge platform that brings virtual laughter to corporate bonding events, school fundraisers, holiday parties, and countless other remote community-building occasions, Zoya is transforming the landscape of comedy. It was her own daughter who inspired the comedian to pursue her dreams, making this journey even more remarkable.

Zarna Garg Daughter Zoya

During Zoya‘s formative years, her mother, Zarna, made the selfless decision to leave her job and become a devoted stay-at-home mom. She dedicated her time to nurturing their home and raising the children, sacrificing her own aspirations along the way.

Witnessing her mother’s inner struggle for sixteen long years, Zoya, a sophomore at Stanford University, experienced a constant tug-of-war between uncertainty and ambition. She recognized her mother’s hardships and always showered her with words of affection, striving to provide nothing but the best for the woman who meant more to her than just a mother-daughter relationship.