Yoyo Chinese |Chinese Courses|Review|Revenue|Net Worth|Founders

Yoyo Chinese and its Chinese Courses|Honest Review|Early Days and Founders|Revenue|Company Net Worth.

Yoyo Chinese is a popular website for online Chinese courses taught in plain English. It teaches Chinese through a combination of video & audio lessons. It also has written supplements, a flashcard database, and progress quizzes.

There are several different video-based courses available. It also has simple quizzes and clear explanations and lots of practice, with each progressing in difficulty. Each course consists of dozens of individual lessons that are logically divided into different levels that are designed to teach Chinese from the ground up.

In this article, we’ll try to cover most of the questions people have about Yoyo Chinese as possible. We will talk about it’s founders and early days. The company’s revenue estimates and Net Worth. Competitors and a full Honest Review of the Company and the Courses it provides will also be discussed. So, stick around to find out.

Yoyo Chinese Course Demo by Yangyang Cheng – Source: YouTube


What is Yoyo Chinese actually? How is it disrupting the way people learn Chinese?

Yoyo Chinese is an established and popular website for online Chinese courses taught in plain English. It teaches Chinese through a combination of video & audio lessons, written supplements, a flashcard database, and progress quizzes. There are several different video-based courses available with simple quizzes and clear explanations. It provides tons of practice, with each progressing in difficulty.

A photo of Yoyo Chinese Homepage Cover photo
Yoyo Chinese Homepage Cover photo – Source: Yoyochinese

Headquartered in Arcadia, California, the company has about 15 employees and is considered to grow even further by some Business Analysts. Yoyo is actually comprised of several different courses which can be purchased individually, or as bundles.

There are six main and most popular courses available among others. The first three are Beginner, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate Conversational Courses. The second three are Chinese Characters(1 and 2) Course and Chinese Character Reader courses. All of these courses are comprised of short videos, audio reviews, flashcards, and quizzes.

The main teacher/host of Yoyo Chinese is Yangyang Cheng. Yangyang does a great job in explaining the material in an easy to understand way but also with depth. The website teaches Chinese in plain English and has an organized road map. It is considered to be disrupting the way you learn Chinese.

Early Days and Founders.

The story of Yoyo Chinese and it’s Founder and the main tutor-Yangyang Cheng is a Rags to Riches story. She taught Chinese to MBA students at Pepperdine University. Yangyang was also the host of TV show “Hello Hollywood!“.

Yangyang was always a good Chinese teacher and had received a good amount of praise. She wanted to bring her teaching online. So, she put her videos on YouTube and received millions of views. The students started to ask if she had any paid content to sell. 

Yangyang Cheng recording Chinese classes sessions for Yoyo Chinese – Source: Yoyo Blog

Therefore, Yoyo Chinese was born-now having paid content to sell to her students. But Entrepreneurship isn’t always sexy. Three months in, her savings were wiped out. So, she took on different side gigs, hoping to keep the business afloat. But still fell short.

Now, she had only $100 Dollars in her bank account. She had not even paid her electricity bill for a long amount of time. She said that those hard times lasted for 6 months and were her darkest days.

Yangyang believes that Yoyo Chinese is her first True Love. She writes in her Blog:

“It’s the first thing I ever felt obsessed with. When I’m with her, she’s everything. When I’m not with her, everything is her.”

-Yangyang Cheng on Yoyo Chinese refering to it as “her” as if it was her first love.

It all changed when she received her first investment check. Yoyo Chinese skyrocketed and gained a big audience paying to learn Chinese. Jump to today, Yoyo Chinese has given more than 12 million lessons to over 400,000 students from all over the world.

Now, Yoyo Chinese has a total of more that 20M+ views on YouTube, 110K+ Subscribers and 70K+ fans on Social Media.

Yoyo Chinese and its variety of Courses.

Yoyo Chinese has six main and most popular courses available among others. They are: Conversational Courses (Beginner,Intermediate and Upper Intermediate), Chinese Characters Courses (1 and 2) and Chinese Character Reader Course. But with others, the website has 11 courses available in their website.

Conversational Chinese Courses.

There are three Conversational Courses: Beginner, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.

Beginner course: You should be able to communicate in China and get around doing basic things. Price: $110 Dollars.

Intermediate: You’ll be able to communicate much easier with local people in China. Price: $127 Dollars.

Upper Intermediate: You will be able to follow natural conversations, communicate complex ideas, and generally form relationships in Chinese. Price: $127 Dollars.

Chinese Character Courses.

There are two Chinese Character courses available on Yoyo Chinese. Each course covers 300 characters – teaching you how they’re formed, their meaning, how to write them, and including helpful hints to make them easier to remember.

Chinese Character Course 1: You will learn basic more than 300 Chinese characters. Price: $127 Dollars.

Chinese Character Course 2: You will learn intermediate level Chinese characters. Price: $127 Dollars.

Chinese Character Reader Course.

Chinese Character Reader Course is one step above from learning about Chinese characters. It helps by actually using them to read a comic book. It’s split up into 3 levels and tells the story of romantic office worker called Zhang Ming. Price: $127 Dollars.

Also take a look at other interesting courses too of Yoyo Chinese.

Honest Review of Yoyo Chinese and its Courses.

Only one course cannot be used to completely learn Chinese but Yoyo Chinese probably comes closer to being able to do so. All three of the Conversational Courses are good and would highly recommend them.

However, not a big fan of the Chinese Characters courses. In today’s language learning environment, there are lots of good apps and tools to consider using. The Chinese Character Reader Course is joyful but don’t have a strong opinion on it either.

While the quality of content contained is of the highest quality, there is a limited amount to the content. Each course contains between 100-200 lessons . Those lessons tend to be on the short size in terms of the subject matter. Yoyo Chinese is great for beginner and intermediate learners of the language. But the program does not contain materials that will help someone become completely fluent.

A photo of Four out of Five stars rating
Four out of Five stars rating

With the help of critics all over the internet, Yoyo Chinese would be given 4 out of 5 stars according to the depth and simplicity of the courses. Therefore, the company can be trusted in terms of online Chinese learning sites. Many online learning sites are difficult. But this company seems to be simple to understand. The content given is easier and rich to take in.

Revenue, Net Worth and Competitors.

With more than 12M+ lessons and over 400K+ students, 20M+ YouTube views, 110K+ Subscribers and 70K+ fans on Social Media, Yoyo Chinese is a cash cow. Located in Arcadia, California, the company has more than 15 employees.

So, what is the current estimated Revenue and Company Net Worth of Yoyo Chinese then?

As of 2020, the company’s annual Revenue is estimate to be around $350,000 Dollars as given by Dun and Bradstreet. So, the company’s Net Worth is to be around $1 Million Dollars.

There is still a lot of competition in the online Chinese Learning Market especially in English. The list of Competitors of Yoyo Chinese include Duolingo, Chinese For Us, My Mandarin House, etc.

Learning Sources and Links.

Below, we have provided you the best learning sources and links available by Yoyo Chinese to learning and becoming fluent in Chinese.

YouTube ChannelLink: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSJyGe2H0C9q6QH0-hH04zw
Facebook PageLink: https://www.facebook.com/yoyochinese/
TwitterLink: https://twitter.com/YoYoChinese
InstagramLink: https://www.instagram.com/yoyochinese/
Official WebsiteLink: https://www.yoyochinese.com/landing
Table containing all the sources and links of Yoyo Chinese.