Russian Inmate Prison, Yevgeny Nuzhin, was brutally executed while trying to desert

Yevgeny Nuzhin, a convicted killer, is shown being struck in the face with a sledgehammer in a horrifying unfiltered video in what the infamous Wagner organization calls an extrajudicial death.

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A Russian conscript is said to have been killed with a sledgehammer by members of Putin’s vicious private army after he enlisted in the Ukrainian army.

Yevgeny Nuzhin a Russian conscript who fought for Ukraine is said to have been executed “for betrayal.” It is believed that he was murdered “for treason.” There were rumors that the convicted murderer had fled to Ukraine shortly after coming to fight for Vladimir Putin at the front in September.

At the time, he said on camera that he had felt like “cannon fodder” among the Russian military. He revealed to Ukrainian journalist Yury Butusov that he had already made up his mind to turn himself in Ukraine since some of his relatives reside there.

Later, pro-Moscow troops abducted him, and Wagner, led by close Putin ally Yevgeny Prizohin, forced him to account for his treason. The media source published the gory, disturbing film with the title “Hammer of Vengeance.” “I am Yevgeny Anatolievich Nuzhin, born in 1967, who went to the front to go to the side of Ukraine to fight against the Russians,” he said seconds before receiving what seemed to be a deadly hit to the head.

I followed through on my intention to go over to the side of Ukraine on September 4 and was on the streets of Kyiv on November 11, 2022, when I was struck in the head and fell unconscious and “I woke up in this basement, where I was informed that I was going to be tried.

Sledgehammer and Traitors

Then, after apparently being pounded by a long-handled mallet, he is knocked backward and struck once again. The pro-Wagner Grey Zone Telegram group declared: “Those who understand know that a sledgehammer and traitors have a tight link.”

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According to Demko Zhluktenko, the founder of the military charity Dzyga’s Paw, who claims to have met Nuzhin, “this morning is really terrible for me emotionally.” Because Russia is characterized by constant harshness and bloodshed. Evgeny was a Russian prisoner of war held in Ukraine. “These are his last moments. I’ve spoken to him and know him.

The criminal lord was released in September under the plan while serving an 18-year term at one of Russia’s worst correctional camps. The plan was unveiled in September by Prigozhin, a close confidant of the Russian president, and it grants murderers and other seasoned criminals their freedom in exchange for six months of frontline combat.

Early Life

Yevgeny Nuzhin was 55 years old at the time of his passing. He holds a Russian Citizen and he belongs to the white race.


Yevgeny Nuzhin married a woman named Olga in prison, and the couple had two kids who served in the Russian army.