Who was Dom Phillips and what was his cause of death? Brother killed, aged 57, British Journalist

There were two men have confessed to killing and dismembering British journalist Dom Phillips and his Brazilian guide Bruno Pereira.  Foreign correspondent Phillips age 57, and his guide Pereira, 41, disappeared in the Amazon earlier this month.

They are also believed to have last been seen on June 5 at the Sao Rafael community.  The suspects are fisherman Amarildo da Costa. Their names are Pelado – and his 41-year-old brother Oseney da Costa – who is known as Dos Santos.  The two Brazilian suspects confessed to killing the two men at Wednesday, local broadcaster Band News reports.  Amarildo was even arrested last week for weapons charges, while Oseney was taken as well as booked and taken into custody on Tuesday night.

What Happened to Dom Phillips?

As per ABC News, police have centered their investigation on members of Brazil’s “fish mafia”. Cops said they are still looking for Mr. Phillips and Mr. Pereira’s bodies. Brazilian police took Oseney out on the river to the search site in a police boat on Wednesday, accompanied by officers with his face covered and a red-and-black hooded sweatshirt pulled low over his head.

It was reported that the bodies of the men had been found “tied to a tree” – but cops denied this and claimed no bodies have been found in the search in the Amazon.

As per the Guardian, Mr. Phillips’ family got a call from an aide to the ambassador on Monday saying their bodies had been seen tied to trees in the rainforest. 

But Mr. Phillips’ brother-in-law, Paul Sherwood, said Ambassador Fred Arruda had written to the family to say the statement was fake.

Police also said that personal items belonging to the two missing men were found in a river on Sunday.  They also found a backpack and a pair of boots belonging to Dom and health card, black trousers, a black sandal and a pair of boots of Pereira.

Both missing men were on a reporting tour in the remote jungle area on the border between Peru and Colombia which is the world’s largest number of uncontested and unidentified indigenous people.

Dom Phillips Family, Age, Birthday, Early Life

Dom Phillips age was 57 at the time of his death. His actual date of birth is missing at the moment. But we will be updating details related to it will be updated once the information comes up in the future.

dom phillips family

Nonetheless, Dom is the owner of British citizenship and owned a white ethnic background.

Who is Dom Phillips’s Wife, and Married to?

The hardworking British journalist Dom Phillips’s married life is under scrutiny. His wife, as well as children’s names and their whereabouts, have not been opened up as of now.

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