Who are Terry Hall Children? Meet Felix Hall and Leo Hall

Leo Hall and Felix Hall are the sons of the famous musician Terry Hall. He was a British musician who sang for the Specials as well as for Fun Boy Three, Colourfield, Terry, Blair & Anouchka, and Vegas.

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Special Lead singer and renowned musician Terry Hall dies at the age of 62

Terry Hall, an English musician and lead singer of the Specials, Fun Boy Three, the Colourfield, Terry, Blair & Anouchka, and Vegas, passed away. His former bandmates informed him of his passing. “It is with tremendous regret that we announce the passing of Terry, our wonderful friend, brother, and one of the most gifted singers, songwriters, and lyricists this country has ever produced,” the Specials wrote in a tweet.

Terry was a great husband and parent and one of the nicest, funniest, and most sincere people I have ever met. His performances and music captured the very core of life the happiness, the suffering, the humor, the struggle for justice, and most of all, the love.

“He leaves behind the gift of his extraordinary music and great humanity, and he will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved him.

According to the announcement, Hall died on 19 December 2022 following a brief illness, at the age of 63.

Hall’s bandmate in the Specials and Fun Boy Three, Neville Staple, expressed his “great sadness” over the news. We were aware of Terry’s illness but were unaware of how terrible it was until lately, he wrote. “We had only recently confirmed some collaborative music agreements for the year 2023. This has really affected me, and Terry’s wife and family must be going through a lot.

How old are Felix Hall and Leo Hall?

Felix and Leo Hall were born to Jeanette Hall, who is the first wife of the late Musician Terry Hall. Jeanette and Terry were romantically involved during the 1980s.

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However, Terry also has a son for his current wife Lindy Heymann who is a well-known director.  Both Felix and Leo Hall are believed to be in their late 20s or early 30s.

An overview of Terry Hall’s professional career

He previously sang lead for the Colourfield, Terry, Blair & Anouchka, Vegas, Fun Boy Three, and the Specials. He joined the emerging Coventry music scene in the late 1970s and played in the Squad, a neighborhood punk band.

Hall originally gained notoriety in the UK when John Peel of BBC Radio 1 featured the Coventry Automatics’ debut track “Gangsters” on his program. Coventry Automatics then changed its name to the Specials.

Lindy Heymann Husband Terry Hall

After the Specials’ single Ghost Town was published, Hall quit the group to form Fun Boy Three with Lynval Golding and Neville Staple, two other former members of the Specials. In 1989, Hall joined forces with jeweler Anouchka Grose and American actress Blair Booth.

With Home, Hall launched his official solo career in 1994. His old partner Ian Broudie produced the album, which peaked at number 95 on the UK Albums Chart. Hall released Laugh as a follow-up to his first studio album in 1997. It is still his most popular solo release, peaking at No. 50 on the UK Albums Chart.

Who is the mother of Felix and Leo Hall?

Jeanette Hall is the mother of Felix and Leo Hall. Jeanette and Terry were romantically involved during the 1980s and they even wrote a song together named Our Lips are sealed.

Lindy Heymann

However, Terry also has a son for his current wife Lindy Heymann who is a well-known director.

Terry Hall’s Wife and Children

Terry Hall was married twice in his life he was first married to his ex-wife and mother of both Felix and Leo Hall, Jeanette hall.

But he later got married to Lindy Heymann who is a well-known British director. He also shares a son with her.