Everything you need to know about Weezer Band Members

Weezer is an American gemstone band formed in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. The band’s lineup presently consists of Rivers Cuomo (lead lyrics, guitar), Brian Bell (guitar, backing lyrics), Scott Shriner (bass guitar, backing lyrics), and Patrick Wilson (cans). 

Weezer gained mainstream success in the mid-1990s with their tone-named debut reader, generally appertained to as” The Blue Album,” which included hits like” Buddy Holly,” Untied- The Sweater Song,” and” Say It Ain’t So.” Their sound is characterized by catchy warbles, power-pop hooks, and a blend of indispensable gemstone and pop influences. 

Weezer released many additional albums in the years that followed the commercial success of their first one, including “Pinkerton” in 1996, “Weezer (The Green Album)” in 2001, and “Maladroit” in 2002. They made a significant resurgence in 2005 with the release of their album “Make Believe,” which featured the breakthrough track “Beverly Hills.”

In the years 2000 and 2010, Weezer continued to put out albums, such as “The Red Album” (2008), “Raditude” (2009), “Hurley” (2010), and “Everything Will Be Alright in the End” (2014). They attracted recognition with their 2018 cover of Toto’s “Africa,” which went viral.

Ages of Weezer Band Members

The Weezer band members ages go by Jason Cropper (52), Matt Sharp (53), Mikey Welsh (1971–2011), Rivers Cuomo (53), Brian Bell (54), Scott Shriner (57), and Patrick Wilson (54).

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Members of Weezer

Past members

  • Jason Cropper
  • Matt Sharp
  • Mikey Welsh

The current members of Weezer are

  • Rivers Cuomo – Lead vocals, guitar
  • Brian Bell – Guitar, backing vocals
  • Scott Shriner – Bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Patrick Wilson – Drums, percussion

Meet Rivers Cuomo, Lead vocals, and guitarist

Rivers Cuomo is currently 53 years old. He was born on June 13, 1970. Cuomo was born in New York City and lived in several Buddhist villages in the Northeastern United States until he was 10 years old, at which point his family moved to Connecticut. Rivers formed Weezer in 1992 while attending college at Harvard University. Before starting Weezer in 1992, he played in several bands in California and Connecticut.

Cuomo is known for his distinctive vocals and songwriting style, characterized by catchy melodies, introspective lyrics, and a blend of pop hooks and rock elements. He has written many of Weezer’s most popular and recognizable songs, including “Buddy Holly,” “Say It Ain’t So,” “Island in the Sun,” and “Hash Pipe.”

Weezer Band Members Rivers Cuomo

Weezer’s second album, Pinkerton (1996), was recorded by Cuomo while still a student at Harvard after the band’s debut, the Blue Album (1994), was a commercial success. He re-enrolled, and in 2008 he earned his degree.

Over the years, Cuomo has been regarded as an influential figure in alternative rock and power pop, with his songwriting often exploring themes of relationships, nostalgia, and personal introspection.

In addition to his work with Weezer, Cuomo has also pursued various solo projects and collaborations. He released his debut solo album, “Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo,” in 2007, featuring demos and unreleased tracks. Cuomo has also collaborated with artists like B.o.B, Allister, and Scott Murphy.

Personal Life of Rivers Cuomo

Cuomo married Kyoko Ito on June 18, 2006, they first met in March 1997 at one of his solo performances at the Middle East club in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Just before Christmas 2005, he asked her to marry him in Tokyo. From 2004 until his marriage in 2006, Cuomo pledged to abstain from all s*xual activity.

Weezer Band Members Rivers Cuomo Wife Kyoko Ito

All former and current members of Weezer as well as Kevin Ridel and Rick Rubin attended the wedding, Except for Mikey Welsh, which took place on a beach in Paradise Cove, Malibu. The couple’s two children are son Leo, born in 2011, and daughter Mia, born in 2007.

Dummer of the Band, Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson is the drummer and percussionist of the American rock band Weezer. He was born on February 1, 1969, in Buffalo, New York. He is currently 54 years old. Wilson has been an integral part of Weezer since the band’s formation in 1992.

Weezer Band Members Patrick Wilson

As the drummer of Weezer, Wilson provides the rhythmic foundation for the band’s music. He is known for his solid and energetic drumming style, which complements the band’s power-pop and alternative rock sound. Wilson’s drumming often combines driving beats with precise fills, contributing to Weezer’s dynamic and catchy songs.

In addition to his drumming skills, Wilson also contributes backing vocals to Weezer’s music. His harmonies and vocal support add depth and texture to the band’s sound, particularly during live performances.

Personal life of Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson married Jennifer Wilson In 1994, their children were named Charlie and Ian Patrick, who were born in 2004 and early 2008. In August 2013, after fighting cancer, Wilson’s wife Jennifer passed away.

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In February 2015, Patrick had a second marriage with Camille Wilson, in 2016, Cruz, their son, was born. Southern California is where they call home. Patrick also took part in MacBreak Weekly, Leo Laporte’s weekly podcast featuring Macs, on episode 82.

Brian Bell, backing vocals and Guitarist

Brian Bell is the guitarist and backing vocalist of the American rock band Weezer. He was born on December 9, 1968, in Iowa City, Iowa. He is currently 54 years old. Bell joined Weezer in 1993, shortly after their formation, and has been an integral part of the band ever since.

Weezer Band Members Brian Bell

As the guitarist of Weezer, Bell contributes to the band’s signature sound with his guitar riffs, chord progressions, and solos. He has showcased his versatility by incorporating various styles and tones into Weezer’s music, ranging from catchy power-pop hooks to more aggressive and distorted rock elements.

Early Life and Parents of Brian Bell

Bell was born to parents Tom Bell and Linda Menasco, an elementary school assistant principal and geography professor, respectively, and was reared in Knoxville, Tennessee. When his parents took him to an Elvis Presley concert at the Stokely Athletic Center in Knoxville when he was four years old, he first developed an interest in music.

Weezer Band Members Brian Bell Nephew

Bell started playing his father’s record collection nonstop shortly after that and got obsessed with music. Bell’s mother insisted that he enroll in piano lessons and held off on enrolling in guitar lessons until high school because she “wouldn’t believe that he would practice.” Eventually, during his first year of high school, Bell’s parents permitted him to study guitar with Knoxville artist Ben Bolt.

Meet Bass guitarist, and backing vocals, Scott Shriner

Scott Shriner is the bassist and backing vocalist of the American rock band Weezer. He was born on July 11, 1965, in Toledo, Ohio. He is currently 57 years old. Shriner joined Weezer in 2001, following the departure of former bassist Matt Sharp, and has been an essential member of the band ever since.

As the bassist of Weezer, Shriner provides the low-end foundation and groove for the band’s music. His bass lines are characterized by a driving energy and melodic sensibility that complements the band’s catchy hooks and guitar-driven sound. Shriner’s playing style adds depth and a rhythmic backbone to Weezer’s songs.

Weezer Band Members Scott Shriner

In addition to his bass duties, Scott Shriner also contributes backing vocals to Weezer’s music. His harmonies and vocal support enhance the overall sound and add another layer of depth to the band’s live performances and recordings.

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Before joining Weezer, Shriner had worked as a session musician and played in various bands, including Vanilla Ice. His experience and versatility as a bassist have made him a valuable asset to Weezer’s musical endeavors.

Personal life of Scott Shriner

Scott wed Jillian Lauren, a writer who was once a member of Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei’s harem, on November 9, 2005, in Hawaii.

Weezer Band Members Scott Shriner Wife and Adopted Son

Two children were adopted by the couple. Both of their dogs, Peanut and Calvin, who they own, were featured in a PETA video urging others to adopt from shelters.