Watch Howie Mandel Prolapse Twitter Viral and TikTok Leaked Video here

Watch Howie Mandel Prolapse Twitter Viral and TikTok Leaked Video here

Howie Mandel Prolapse – Howie Mandel responded to the cabaret performer’s odd video that was uploaded to his official TikTok account. Out of dread of the internet, an America’s Got Talent judge posted a horrifying prolapse video on the video-sharing website.

Mandel has since been a trending topic on Twitter.

What did Howie Mandel post on TikTok?

Internet users were astonished when Howie Mandel shared a TikTok video of a prolapsed anus.

The Canadian comic remarked in the video, “This occurred” as a pal knelt down. “Does anyone know if this is related to COVID? If so, what should we do about it?”

Before it was taken down, the video had been available for several hours, and Mandel hasn’t mentioned it in any of the videos he’s since made.

“Howie I’m going to need you to discuss it, guy “On Mandel’s most recent TikTok video, someone left a message in the first comment.

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Another user commented, “This feels like a cover-up, Howard,” while a third advocated for a “apology video with tears.”

Howie Mandel Prolapse explains the meaning of ‘prolapse’ in a horrifying video:

According to WebMD, a physical component prolapses when it shifts from its original location.

Video Link: Watch Here:

The image looks to indicate a rectal prolapse, per the violent video that Howie Mandel published. In cases of rectal prolapse, a section of the intestines slides or descends from its original position and leaves the anus.