Watch AKSU Girl S*x Video,Year 2 Student Tape Leaked, Viral Video on Twitter

Watch AKSU Girl S*x Video,Year 2 Student Tape Leaked, Viral Video on Twitter

An AKSU student and a young man are shown in the video-sharing a good natural time.

The AKSU student has been chastised for allowing herself to be recorded while having a wonderful time with a man.

On the Nigerian internet, the video is currently going viral.

Some of the girl’s close pals have been looking for further information regarding the video.

A Twitter user named @DeeBaybie revealed the s*x footage. The video is currently trending in Nigeria, where Nigerians are discussing it.

The female student’s picture and identity were also posted on social media.

Who is AKSU girl? Identify and Names

AL Gold had linked up with a guy (the guy who had s*x with her), according to Dee Baybie, and the guy recorded their ‘f*cking moment.’ She appears to be aware of the situation in the video.


The yet-to-be-identified man recorded the moment and shared it with one of his pals, who leaked the footage since he and the man in the s*x tape weren’t friends anymore.

The Aksu female student and her hookup partner were seen having a doggy s*x style in the viral video.

What did Dee Baybie reveal?

“The AKSU Year 2 Student S*x Tape has been leaked. After a falling out with the guy, the girl hooked up with him, he did the video, a buddy of his grabbed footage, and it was leaked.

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AI Gold is a 200-level student at Akwa Ibom State University, according to several sources.”