Ujjayi Pranayama: side effect, it’s technique, benefits, breath for anxiety…??

What it Ujjayi Pranayama??

Ujjayi Pranayama is a yoga trick that can help us to keep our minds fresh and body warm. It is made with (ooh-JAH-yee Prah-Nah-YAH-mah) and also known as Ujjayi Breath. “Ujjayi” derives from the Sanskrit language.

It very helpful in various diseases or disorders like thyroid, hyper, sleep apnea, snoring, and emotional imbalance that is regulated by the thyroid gland. ujjayi is an invigorating breath, the victorious breath that is suitable for most asanas of yoga asana,

Although it is typically not used during relaxation asanas like savasana it may be helpful to think of your breathing on two phases
ii) inhalation
ii) exhalation
in the traditional yogic context, inhalation is called brmhana while exhalation is called langhana

Can pranayama cure thyroid?

Yes, pranayama cure thyroid there are many yoga asanas to cure our thyroid. people who affected by hyperthyroidism should avoid neck-stretching asanas, they should try other exercises like pranayama.

How to do ujjayi pranayama ??

before Doing ujjayi pranayama you need to practice how to include throat muscles

1) involve your thorat muscles

i) open your mouth and exhale and why you need to make an exhale because we need to make a sound of air.

ii) Inhale – in the same fashion as step 1 while making a sound keeping your mouth open and inhaling.

iii) put your tongue underneath your teeth and keep your mouth open and the same again you need to inhale.

iv) in this step you just simply shut your mouth and inhale air through your nostrils, and doing this you need to make the sound the same sound you were making earlier

2) after involveing your thorat mucles now we learn how to do ujjayi

i) to learn ujjayi stand or sit in a comfortable position with your back and neck straight and relaxed

ii) and while you inhaling you need to make the same sound but in intensity

iii) after inhaling you need to tuck your chin to your throat bed and slowly keeping your neck straight

iv) and exhaling through your left nostril. you can keep your hand in any position but you need to keep your right thumb in the bottom of your right nostril, put a very light pressure to right nostril so that you can easily exhale through your left nostril

Benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama

ujjayi pranayama is very useful in various diseases, which helps to keep your mind calm.

i) Improves concentration
ii) thyroid disorder
iii) reduce brain hyper
v) helps to reduce snoring
vi) emotional imbalance

Side Effects of Ujjayi Pranayama

ujjayi pranayama is typically not used during relaxation asanas like savasana

i) Lassitude
ii) Dizziness
iii) Breathing difficulty / worsening of asthma
iv) Lack of stability in thoughts
v) Bodyache, backache
vi) Excessive perspiration, salivation
vii) Lowered immunity