Who was Troy Khoeler? How did he Die? Aged 7, Death Cause and Family

The parents of a 7-year-old Texas child, Troy Khoeler who was discovered dead in a washing machine face charges in connection with the case.

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An autopsy indicated that a seven-year-old child had already sustained injuries before being discovered dead in a washing machine.

A 7-year-old boy’s adoptive parents were fed up with him reportedly stealing food, which eventually resulted in his death. After going missing in July, Troy Khoeler’s corpse was discovered in a washing machine at his house in Spring.

 Tuesday saw the arrest of his adoptive parents, Jemaine and Tiffany Thomas. In the early hours of Wednesday, the allegations against them were read out in court. When Jemaine came before the court, the judge imposed a $2 million bail.

He faces a death penalty murder accusation. Because the judge said Tiffany is suicidal, she did not show up. However, her accusation of child damage by omission was still read. Bond for the 35-year-old was set at $150,000.

Since the adoptive parents first reported their 7-year-old boy missing on July 28 from their house in the 4400 block of Rosegate in Spring’s Birnamwood development, it has been almost four months. When Tiffany returned home after driving for Lyft at approximately 5 a.m., she called 911 to report her kid missing.

Lacked coherence

According to reports, the father, 42, informed police that Troy was gone when he arrived home from work around 11 p.m. Detectives, however, said that his claims lacked coherence since he also informed authorities that he had seen Troy watching TV while seated in the living room. Deputies discovered Troy dressed to the nines in a top-load washing machine in the garage after searching their residence.

According to police paperwork, surveillance footage from the night before Troy was killed shows him playing hide-and-seek alone in the front yard.

The same video allegedly depicts Tiffany coming home first, followed by Jemaine hours later. No one else entered or left the residence, according to the investigators.

Troy Khoeler suffered from being assaulted, choked, and maybe drowned, according to the medical examiner. Troy was discovered with blood on his nose, a lump on his forehead, and bruises on his knees, it was stated in court. Additionally, blood was discovered in the entryway and inside the washing machine. Text messages were taken from Tiffany and Jemaine’s mobile phones by investigators.

Court documents

According to court documents, Tiffany threatened to “throw (Troy) in the stove and turn it on” unless the little child confessed to eating the oatmeal cream pie cookies in a text message to Jemaine. In a few of his texts to Tiffany, Jemaine expresses his intention to murder the 7-year-old in gruesome detail. According to court documents, Jemaine reportedly drowned Troy by covering his mouth and nose with an unidentified item.

The couple’s bond was limited to requirements. If they break their relationship, neither Jemaine nor Tiffany may interact with anybody younger than 17. Both of them will also need to wear GPS trackers.

The autopsy revealed the complainant had suffered from asphyxiation, presumably drowning, and both distant and recent blunt-force trauma that was suggestive of inflicted trauma, according to the authorities who read the report in court.

“His death has been judged a murder due to homicidal violence. Eyewitness News received confirmation from Texas Kid Protective Services that Troy was a foster child who was adopted by the family in 2019. Before the youngster was killed, CPS looked into the family twice for physical abuse.

Department of Family and Protective Services

Records show that after seeing face bruising, the school informed the authorities. The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) reports that caseworkers in Harris County manage an average of 16 cases each day.

There were 24,494 investigations in 2021. The turnover rate in the state is 35%. The turnover rate is what worries Mike Schneider, an attorney, and judge with over 25 years of experience in CPS investigations.

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Until the investigation is finished, CPS will not respond to inquiries about the results of their prior investigations with the family. According to a spokesperson, it is illegal for them to talk about active fatality cases.

Scheider said,

“We often find when children are injured, it is not the first time, when it comes to light,” . “There’s often a history. Unfortunately, CPS has a lot of turnovers and I think that affects their ability to follow through on these investigations. CPS has lost about 3,000 employees in the last year. The ratio of cases to workers goes up. It’s easy for these cases to get lost or a caseworker to not know enough about the past with this family because what’s on paper or filed electronically doesn’t reflect what the family is really like.” “They appear to be an agency that is just overwhelmed in general,”.

About Early life and Family Members

Troy Khoeler was 7 years old at the time of his death. He holds an American nationality and he belongs to the white ethnicity.

The adoptive parents of Troy Khoelerare Jemaine and Tiffany Thomas.