The Chinese government intends to purchase the private Conflict Islands of Ian Gowrie Smith in Australia

Ian Gowrie Smith is a famous businessman who is the executive chairman of Theranostics. He is one of the wealthiest people we know right now. One of the last surviving freehold atolls in the world, the Conflict Islands in Papua New Guinea, is also owned by him.

Gowrie Smith is a seasoned businessman with experience in the mining, oil, and gas sectors and the pharmaceutical industry. He focuses on making public market investments in private sector prospects.

China prepares to buy private Conflict Islands of Ian Gowrie Smith in Australia

An Australian businessman Ian Gowrie Smith has revealed that the federal government has shown no interest in his string of tropical islands on Australia’s doorstep but confirmed China is in discussions over the sale.

Retired entrepreneur Ian Gowrie Smith is selling his 21 atolls in the Coral Sea off Papua New Guinea also known as the Conflict Islands an area crucial to shipping lanes and with land capable of holding military and runways.

Michael Shoebridge, the director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said China’s claims islands could have dangerous impacts on the national security of Australia.

A potential sale to Chinese interests, of privately owned Conflict Islands which lies in the Coral Sea off Australia’s east coast, will put our national security at risk, according to Defense Experts.

Know about Ian Gowrie Smith’s Wife, Children

Ian was married to Jan Maree Gowrie Smith. But sadly she passed away last year due to unforeseeable events. The tribute report for her was distributed in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

Lachlan, Skye, and Baden were her three children of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And Ava, Maximus, India, Ottilie, Arne, and Viggo were among their grandchildren and he loves them very much.

What does Ian Gowrie Smith do for a living?

Entrepreneur Gowrie Smith has experience in the mining, oil, gas, and pharmaceutical sectors. His most notable accomplishments are founding and holding the chairmanship of Skyepharma PLC and Medeva PLC, two pharmaceutical companies with a combined value of est. $1 billion.

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Ian Gowrie Smith is also an Executive Chairman of Theragnostics which deals with a treatment strategy that combines therapeutics with diagnostics.

Smith bought the Conflict Islands atoll in Papua New Guinea. He is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and diversifying the priceless ecosystem of the islands.

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Ian Gowrie Smith’s Net Worth: Know How rich is he?

Gowrie Smith is estimated to have a net worth of millions of dollars as he already became Chairman of Skyepharma PLC, Medeva PLC, and also of Theranostics.

Smith had made significant money from investments in the mining and pharmaceutical sectors. He owns several commercial and residential properties in Australia and internationally. He built billions of dollars in wealth through the growth of mining and pharmaceutical companies.

Ian Gowrie Smith hasn’t revealed his exact Net worth but it is expected that he has a net worth of millions of dollars.