Where is Teri Debarge Today? Husband Bobby DeBarge and their Children

Ms. Teri DeBarge, Spouse of the late Bobby DeBarge is also known by the name Teri Lee Gayle. Bobby DeBarge, a former member of the Motown funk group Switch, had a romantic relationship with LaToya Jackson in the late 1970s. After splitting up with LaToya Jackson got married to Teri and had two children. Bobby, the lead vocalist of Motown R&B/Soul vocal group Switch lost his life on August 16, 1995, suffering from AIDS. His mellifluous falsetto vocal is what makes him eternal.

This article highlights how Bobby and Teri flourished in their relationship, had children, and how Teri is managing to live her life in the memory of her beloved.

Teri Debarge Early Life and being in the limelight

Teri DeBarge aka Teri Lee Gayle was born in the 1970s in a Christian family. She was an American by nationality however, her detailed family history and childhood are yet to be revealed. Schooling and education of Teri DeBarge is one more thing that no one is aware of, neither has she shared anything with the media.

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Teri came into the limelight after getting married to Bobby DeBarge. Unfortunately, the earlier demise of falsetto singer Bobby left her widowed at a young age with her two children. Despite the demise of her husband, Teri continued her career as an American producer. She came into the list as an executive producer of The Bobby DeBarge story (2019). She achieved celebrity dignity imparted by her husband Bobby DeBarge, the late falsetto singer of Motown R&B/ soul group.

Bobby Debarge’s Life, Growing up with Talented Siblings and Conviction on Drug Trafficking Charges

Bobby DeBarge, the American singer, songwriter, composer, and musician was born on March 5, 1956, and was the son of Etterlene (née Abney) and Army soldier Robert DeBarge, Sr. in Detroit. He was the second child to his parents after his elder sister Bunny DeBarge. His younger siblings are Tommy, Randy, Mark, El, James, Chico, Darryl, and Caro (the eldest one).

At the age of 15, Bobby was into taking heroin and with time, he developed a dependency on it. After his parent’s divorce, Bobby with his family moved to Grand Rapids. He and his brother Tommy began playing in local bands at a young age.

Bobby DeBarge Father (source: Instagram)

His canorous voice added spirit to the rhythms and blues soul genre whereas the public admired him performing as the lead vocalist of Switch (Motown R&B vocal group).

After disbanding with White Heat, he became a member of Switch with his brother Tommy. They formed their sibling-led band named “The DeBarge” in 1980 and started playing for the R&B/soul/funk era. Bobby DeBarge heightened in his early career because of his multi-octave vocal range.

Sadly, Bob was sentenced to five years of prison as he was convicted on drug trafficking charges. While in prison, he was diagnosed with HIV and became gravely ill. He died of the complication during hospice care In Grand Rapids, Michigan at the age of 39 leaving his wife and children alone.

Where is Teri Debarge Now?

After the demise of her husband, Teri lost her visual in order to rare her children: Christian DeBarge and Robert Louis “Bobby DeBarge III. She is currently a producer contributing to a wide range of television and motion pictures, some of which starred her late husband. In 2008 she developed the TV program “Unsung,” highlighting R&B, Soul, and Gospel Singers.

Teri Debarge Now

She also produced The Bobby Debarge Story in 2009, a documentary on Bobby’s life.  She was the executive producer of the film. Bobby Debarge and his family’s lives were the subjects of several debates, speculations, and other elements in the film. After Bob went away, Teri had to take care of her needs as well as those of her sons. She was only twenty years old at the time and had two sons.

Teri Debarge and Bobby Debarge’s Marriage Life

Teri was a 15-year-old teen when she met Bobby DeBarge in his mid-eighties while Bob was in his early 30s. She was the cousin of Monique DeBarge and met Bobby DeBarge through her. Bobby started liking her after they met and put his efforts into making Teri his wife.

After being in a relationship for 5 years, Teri and late American singer Bobby vowed each other husband and wife on December 10, 1990.

Teri Debarge Marriage with Bobby

Teri gave birth to her two sons within a few years of marriage. Despite the success in music, the iconic falsetto gained fame and fortune with a loving family. Alas, he lost his life at the age of 39 leaving his wife and sons behind. Teri with her children was laid-back after they lost Bob. Afterward, she came into a rage as a producer.

Meet Teri Debarge and Bobby Debarge’s children, Christian DeBarge & Bobby DeBarge Jr.

Two sons of Teri and Bob – Christian DeBarge and Bobby DeBarge Jr. Each of them has followed their own unique artistic path. Christian has a passion for anime and has honed his skills in drawing captivating cartoons in this style.

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On the other hand, Bobby Jr. has inherited the family’s musical talents and has been collaborating with his cousins to create outstanding music. What sets Bobby Jr. apart is his impressive falsetto voice which adds a distinctive touch to the family’s musical legacy.