Who is Tanya Kellock? Age, Reddit Story, Family, Brother, Net worth, Height, Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend

Tanya Kellock is a tumultuous adolescent from the United Kingdom. She rose to prominence after a rumored indecent video appeared in 2017.

Despite the fact that the video appears to have been removed, folks all over the internet are questioning its authenticity. She claimed she wanted to draw, and she and her best friend did it as a joke, then she asked her brother if she could do it, and he said yes, so she filmed it.

After that, she accidentally sent it to her story instead of her closest friend, and when she realized it, she grieved and told her mother.

However, many allegations have circulated on the internet, including her ex telling her to do it, her father, and even a pedophile.

Tanya Kellock News Explained: Reddit

Regardless of any current news about Tanya Kellock, the most recent one could be from 2017. According to accounts, she filmed the video as a prank. She later apologized for the error and sobbed when she presented it to her mother.

After that, the video was spread by several phony profiles, turning it into a serious case of child abuse. People are extremely suspicious. Whatever the case may be, the incident generated a significant amount of buzz on the internet.

Her video became viral on Reddit, a social media platform. “Take any sexual offense, and the man always suffers the heavy punishment,” one of the users added. The woman could have physically done the same thing, but the penalty is never as severe.

Her film appeared to be a child abuse video aimed at teenagers.

Tanya Kellock Full Video: Story Explored

Tanya Kellock was 12 years old when she conducted an incestuous act on her younger brother, who was only five years old.

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The video was shared on Snapchat and Instagram, and it has since spread to other social media platforms using bogus accounts. Tanya’s incest stuff was a child abuse video aimed at teenagers.

Tanya Kellock Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, What about her father, mother, Where is she from? Early Life

Tanya Kellock was born in 2005 and is 17 years old.

She was 12 years old when she became 17 years old. Her 6-year-old brother was subjected to indecent acts by her.

Tanya Kellock Age

Tanya Kellock’s parents are suspected of shooting the disturbing footage of child sexual assault. However, we do not have any information about them at this time.

Tanya Kellock Net worth, How much did she earn?

According to her financial reports. Her earnings might be in the hundreds of dollars.

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Tanya Kellock Boyfriend, Her Relationship, What about Children?

Anything about her relationship or her husband has not been revealed yet.

Tanya Kellock Career, What is her profession?

The Tanya Kellock Incest case went popular thanks to the social media platform Reddit.

‘Take any sexual transgression, and the man continually gets the heavier discipline,’ one Reddit user observed. In a sense, the lady could have done the same, but the discipline is never as severe for women.’

It appears that the Tanya Kellock Incest incident was a case of a teenager abusing a video, which prompted the police to issue a report.

This happened in the UK a few years ago; don’t think about the bit where the police pulled her off the register, but many are taking the rest of the story as true.

Tanya Kellock was 12 years old when she became 17 years old. Her 6-year-old brother was subjected to indecent acts by her.

The video was shared on Instagram in the same way that it was shared on Snapchat.

Where she attended her High school and University? What was her major?

As we all know that she is from the UK. So, most probably she must have completed her education from her home town. But the exact fact of her education has not been unpublished yet.

Tanya Kellock Social Media Reach

Tanya has about 24 followers on Twitter, which indicates that she is not so active on Twitter. She has joined Twitter in December 2017. She has only followed 8 celebrities on Twitter.  Her Followers can follow him on Twitter.

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According to the news she has been banned from Instagram.

Tanya Kellock FAQ’S

Who is Tanya Kellock?

Tanya is a UK-based disputed teenager. She came into the limelight after her supposedly indecorous video surfaced in 2017.

How old is Tanya Kellock?

He is 17 years old in 2021.

 Is Tanya Kellock Single?

Yes, Tanya is single.

What did Tanya Kellock do?

She makes short videos.

Does he use Instagram?

She is being banned by Instagram for violating the rules.

Tanya Kellock’s Body Appearance Height, Weight

Height   N/A
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight


Interesting facts about Tanya Kellock’s which you should know

NationalityUnited Kingdom
Zodiac SignN/A
Net Worth N/A
Single/ In a relationship N/A
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseN/A

Social Media

Twitter: @TanyaKellock