Who is Suki Wong Pei Yee? 10-years-old girl, taking care of her father suffering from a stroke

Suki Wong Pei Yee is a young Malaysian girl who tries everything she can to care for her father, who has been suffering from a stroke for the past seven years.

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Without a mother or citizenship, the 10-year-old is responsible for her father on her own.

Suki Wong Pei Yee, who is only ten years old, already carries the weight of the world on her small shoulders.

Her mother died last year, leaving her as the only caretaker for her father, Wong Kon Foo, who has been disabled since a stroke seven years ago.

Wong used to work as a used-car salesperson but had to retire after suffering a stroke that rendered him wheelchair-bound.

Tran Diem Kiew, his Vietnamese wife, provided the majority of the family’s meager income in the years that followed. She worked other part-time jobs at the same time, assisting at local restaurants and businesses.

Suki and Wong were left alone after she died of a lung infection in April of last year. Now, in their little flat above a shop lot in Damansara Damai, father and daughter struggle to get by each day.

Wong and Suki rely on the monthly support they receive from the social welfare agency and members of the public because they have no way of generating money.

Wong has healed enough to be able to stand and walk, but he’s right arm remains immobile.

Suki assists her father in bathing, then prepares breakfast and cleans the house before doing washing and going to the adjacent tiny grocery to buy their few necessities.

“Suki is good at washing the vegetables and she knows how to cook the rice,” Wong said in an interview with MalaysiaNow.

“But I don’t let her cook at the gas stove because it’s too dangerous. That’s my job.”

It’s a problem for him because he can’t use his dominant hand and must balance himself for as long as he can without his crutch.

White Flag

While Wong and Suki are living on the edge, their condition is significantly better than it was during the pandemic lockdowns, when they were compelled to hang a white flag outside their window to request assistance.

“At that moment, I had no idea what else to do,” Wong recalled.

“I was worried about Suki. I could go without food but she is still a child.”

Wong’s neighbors rallied around him after seeing the banner. They continue to check up on him and Suki today, asking how they are and delivering food and other necessities.

Wong has several concerns, the most important of which is his daughter.

Suki lacks citizenship because his marriage to Tran was not legally recognized in the country. She is unable to attend school, and she learns about the outside world from the screen of their modest television.

“Her mother taught her the ABCs, but she never got as far as teaching her how to read,” Wong said.

“Until today, Suki cannot read or write. But she is fluent in Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Malay,” he added.

Wong’s greatest dream is for his daughter to be able to go to school and receive an education like any other child so that she might have a brighter future than she does now.

He said that even if she obtained Malaysian citizenship, he would not be able to afford to send her to school. She has no friends because she spends all of her time caring for him.

“She has a very lonely life,” Wong said. “The only friend she had before this moved away from a while ago.

“I am very worried about Suki’s future. Education is the only way out she has from this kind of life. I beg that she be given a chance to go to school so that she can be an educated person who can take care of herself in this world.”

Suki Wong Pei Yee Age, Family, Early Life

Suki Wong Pei Yee is a 10 years old young girl from Malaysia who is the daughter of Wong Kon Foo. She is the one taking care of her father after her mother passed away due to a lung infection.

suki wong pei yee family

Which school and college did she go to? What was her major?

Suki Wong Pei Yee cannot attend any sort of school as she doesn’t hold any official documents of Malaysia as her parent’s marriage was vener registered.

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Suki Wong Pei Yee’s Appearance Height, Weight

HeightN / A
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
WeightN / A
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

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Marital  statusSingle