Sofia Fedko and Brother Ivan Killed by Putin Thugs, Who are their Parents, Mom, Dad, Aged 6

Sofia Fedko and Brother Ivan Killed by Putin Thugs, Who are their Parents, Mom, Dad, Aged 6

Sofia Fedko was a 6 years old girl from Ukraine. She along with her six-week-old baby brother, Ivan was killed by Russian soldiers.

Ukrainian Sofia Fedko: Slaughtered by Russian soldiers

A NEWBORN infant and a six-year-old girl, together with three members of their family, were mercilessly “executed by Putin’s thugs” while their uncle heard the carnage over the phone.
Russian soldiers slaughtered Sofia Fedko and her six-week-old baby brother Ivan, who was riding in their family’s car.

The children, along with their mother, Irina, 27, and two grandparents, both 56, were mercilessly murdered on the day Ukraine was invaded.
The family was reportedly traveling along a route near Novaya Kakhovka in southern Ukraine when the military encircled their vehicle, according to local media.
Putin’s men are said to have opened fire on the children’s car while their terrified uncle listened helplessly on the phone.

Fedko’s family begged russians for their lives

Denis Fedko said he was on the phone with his mother Anna when he overheard her pleading for their lives while the children sobbed – followed by a deathly quiet.
He said: “I was talking to my mother. I kept hearing my mother yelling that there were children [in the car] and “How can you [do that]?”.

“I heard little Vanya [Ivan] was crying loudly. He was only a month and a half old. And then I heard shots.

“Then there was silence after that, and then shots again. There were two bursts, each two to three shots long.
I realized they were finishing them off.”
Last Thursday, the children’s father, Ukrainian police officer Oleg Fedko, 30, was out on patrol when his loved ones were massacred in the Kherson region, north of Crimea.

His father, Oleg Sr, had reportedly gathered up his relatives to flee to safety while his son was on duty, according to reports.

The policeman “is unable to rescue the bodies of his relatives killed by Russian troops,” according to reports.

The chilling story serves as yet another stark reminder of the high cost of the crisis in Ukraine, which is wreaking havoc on the country’s youth.
Sixteen children have perished so far in the terrible war, according to Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko, but the grim figure is set to climb.

It comes after Polina, a 10-year-old kid, was killed along with her parents in a car attack in Kyiv by Russian saboteurs.
Semyon, her 10-year-old brother, is still in serious condition in the hospital, ignorant that his family was murdered by the military.

Sofia Fedko Age, Family, and Early Life

Fedko was a 6 years old Ukrainian girl. Sofia was the daughter of Irina Fedko and Oleg Fedko. She had a six weeks old brother named Ivan. She apparently lived with her grandparents who were both 56 and her parents.

sofia fedko family

Unfortunately Sofia along with her brother, mother, and grandparents was shot to death by the Russian soldiers.

Which school and college did she go to?

Sofia Fedko was probably a junior high student and was attending school near her home. However, no details on the school she was going to have been published yet.

Sofia Fedko Net Worth, How much does she earn?

Sofia Fedko was a student with no profession so she probably had no net worth.

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Sofia Fedko Boyfriend, What about her relationship?

Sofia was a 6 years old minor who probably had no idea about relationships and abs commitment. So, Sofia was without any doubt a single young girl.

Sofia Fedko’s Career, What was her profession?

Sofia Fedko was a junior student. She was not involved in any sort of profession. However, her father Oleg is a Ukrainian police officer as per reports.

Is she available on any social media platforms?

Sofia was a minor girl and underage for social media. Therefore, she doesn’t have any kind of social handles. However, we can find any information on her on the web.

Physical Appearance of Sofia Fedko’s Height, Weight

HeightN / A
WeightN / A
Hair ColourBrunette
Eye Colour Brown
Body type Fit 
Sexual OrientationStraight

Interesting facts about Sofia Fedko’s should be known  

Zodiac SignN / A
Net Worth N / A
Single/ In a relationship N / A
Current Spouse N / A
Children N / A