MAFS Star, Shane Smith, 38, dies in a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Shane Smith was a member of A Rebels Motorcycle Gang. He was killed in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday. His passenger is in Hospital with serious injuries. Shane Smith was 38 years old and the passenger who was injured was 45 years old. Police say Shane Smith dies at the scene.

His death comes a week after another Rebels member, Bradley Danielle, 29, dies in August. Shane was killed shortly after 3 am on Wednesday when he crashed his motorcycle at Redwood Park with a male passenger on the back.

Stacey Hampton reacted to her ex-husband Shane Smith’s death

Hampton is the former partner of Shane Smith and the couple have two children together.

Stacey Hampton said, “I met him when I was very young through mutual friends and I wasn’t aware of his lifestyle but  I fell for him so quickly.”

She also added, “He treated me so nicely, he was beautiful, loving, and I fell pregnant really quickly with him with our first son. He was a really caring Dad and a Husband.”

Also at last she added, “His absence will obviously affect the rest of the life of our children and they will miss him a lot.”

Tributes from Rebel Members for Mr.Smith

One person wrote, “Today marks another dark day for our club, we’re all in disbelief at the passing of our brother Shane.”

“Our sincerest condolences to our brothers in Adelaide, Shane’s immediate family, especially his four beautiful children. And Another taken too soon, you’ll be greatly missed and never forgotten.”

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A woman who identifies herself as his sister said there were no words to ease the pain of losing her brother in a tribute posted to Facebook. And also she added, “I promise I will be there for the kids and make sure your memory lives on forever.”

Major crash officers are investigating the circumstances surrounding the collision.