DC Nightlife Pioneer, Seth McClelland, dies at 40

Seth McClelland who was driving the hospitality force behind two of the city’s hottest cocktail bars, with another on the way passed over the weekend at the young age of 40.  McClelland who was the CEO and creative director of a growing D.C. bar group ran downtown’s popular underground speakeasy the Mirror and Blagden Alley’s edgy, LED-lit drinking den Never Looked Better.

He has also affiliated with Old Town’s respected watering hole the People’s Drug. By day, the gregarious Georgetown University alum; served as the senior commercial real estate broker at Weichert Commercial Brokerage, and split his time between D.C. and Manhattan.

What was Seth McClelland’s Cause of Death?

As per reports; Seth McClelland died at the young age of 40. He breathed his last breath on 13 November 2022. All people are very eager to know his exact cause of death.

But his actual cause of death has not been confirmed as of now. If we get any sort of information related to his death. But we will be updating the details related to it once the reports come up in the future.

He is also known for being the main force behind two of the very best cocktail bars in the city, while the third was on the way. Seth was the person who live life to the fullest.  He was a famous downtown underground hangout The Mirror and very quirky.

As per sources; it is very sad to announce the passing of the deal pal, Seth who passed away peacefully on Saturday.

The message was shared on Facebook on Sunday. His death news has gone viral and has been hitting the internet ever since.

Who was Seth McClelland?

As mentioned above Seth was a very hard-working guy and known as the pioneer for D.C. nightlife and served as the CEO and creative director of the D.C. bar community. As per some tabloids; McClelland’s pal said in 2009 that they were working in Dupont One Lounge.

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He gets to know about the beverage director Jeff Coles. The famed experts from the business world are also just trying to function in an old-fashioned cocktail bar system.