Saamer Usmani and Wife Tedra Millan Relationship — From Best Friends to Life Partners and Co-stars

Saamer Usmani is a British-Pakistani Actor who is best known for his role as Chase Sikorski from the Netflix series Inventing Anna.

Discover the heartwarming journey of Sameer Usmani and Tedra Milaan’s love story in this article. We’ll take you through their timeline, from the early stages of their relationship to where they are today.

Saamer Usmani is a British-Pakistani Actor and Model

Saamer Usmani is a native of Pakistan who is a Model, British actor, and voice-over artist. His fame as an actor Skyrocketed after playing the role of Chase Sikorski from the Netflix series Inventing Anna. Inventing Anna was streamed on 11 February 2022. He played on some of the really popular series such as Succession, Katy Keene, what/If, and Red Blooded. Aside from acting, he has also provided voiceovers in a number of video games. 

Saamer Usmani was born in Pakistan on October 21st. He traveled around a lot as a kid. Saamer has lived in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Nigeria, and the United States, among other places. He graduated from high school in Massachusetts.

Saamer Usmani

Saamer attended a university in Toronto, Canada, where he studied sociology and anthropology. In the United Kingdom, he studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Saamer is of Asian ancestry.

Saamer Usmani made his television debut as a gas station worker in the 2012 series The Firm. He gained prominence as Martin in the TV series Reign. In the What/If, Saamer portrayed Avery Watkins. He has also appeared in various episodes of the television series Succession.

Saamer has been in various episodes, including Nikita, Red-Blooded, Katy Keene, and others. He recently played Chase Sikorski in the Netflix streaming drama Inventing Anna.

Saamer Usmani’s wife Tedra Millan is also an actor

Tedra Millan is an American actor, director, and producer best known for her appearances in Daddy’s Daughter (2022), Fosse/Verdon (2019), and Modern Persuasion (2019). (2020). 

Tedra Millan was born in Los Angeles, California in 1994. Tedra Millan will be 29 years old in 2023. She has one sibling brother Josh Millan, where she often shares his pic on her Instagram. From a young age, Tedra Millan uncovered a love for acting and has since pursued it with determination. To refine her craft, she has participated in various acting classes.

In 2010, Millan completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre performance at the University of Michigan. Additionally, she obtained a master’s degree in classical acting and graduated from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art.

Her professional acting career began in 2012. Rivka Goldberg in ‘Almost Family’ and Hannah Melvey / Hannah Melvey alias Taylor in ‘Katy Keene’ are two of her most memorable TV appearances. 

Tedra Millan Made their Broadway debut in Present Laughter

In 2017, Millan made her Broadway debut in the Tony-nominated play “Present Laughter.” The play, written by Noel Coward, is a comedy about a self-absorbed actor named Garry Essendine and the people in his life. Millan played the role of Daphne Stillington, a young woman who becomes infatuated with Essendine.

Millan’s performance in “Present Laughter” received rave reviews from critics. The New York Times called her “a delightful revelation” and praised her “ability to modulate her vocal and physical presence.” The Hollywood Reporter also praised her performance, saying that she “nicely captures Daphne’s wide-eyed naivete.”

Before her Broadway debut, Millan had appeared in several Off-Broadway productions, including “The Wolves” at the Playwrights Realm and “The Harvest” at the Labyrinth Theater Company. She has also appeared in several films, including “The Dirty Kind” and “The Paper Store.”

Sameer Usmani and Tedra Millan’s relationship timeline

Sameer Usmani and Tedra Milan are renowned couples in the film industry. Usmani and Tedra Millan are both actors and a producer. The couple dated for a decade and now they are a married couple. Here is the time of the beginning of their relationship to where they stand today. 

Saamer Usmani and Tedra Millan

Their first met

Saamer and Tedra’s story started back in 2013 when they first met at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. After getting acquainted, they quickly hit it off and formed a close bond. Their friendship blossomed over time, and before they knew it, they developed feelings for each other.

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By the end of November, Saamer and Tedra had taken their relationship to the next level and started dating.

However, Millan, on the other hand, took to Instagram in 2017 to wish her spouse a happy 4th anniversary. Millan posted a photo of them being together saying “4 years” on November 5, 2017. 

The couple made their relationship official in 2014

Millan had kept her relationship with Usman hidden from the public eye until 2014. It was in that year, on July 14th, that she finally revealed their romantic connection through a post on her Instagram account. The picture in question was taken at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel and featured the couple posing together. Saamer was dressed in a formal suit while the actress looked stunning in an elegant gown.

This particular post marked the first time that Millan had shared a picture of the two of them together on social media. Since then, she has regularly shared pictures of them together, indicating that they are still in a relationship.

The couple shared a screen on the set of the Tv series

Tedra Millan and Saamer Usmani were both cast members in the television series “Katy Keene” in the year 2020. Tedra Millan played the character of Hannah Melvey and her performance was featured in a total of three episodes throughout the season.

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Meanwhile, Saamer Usmani portrayed the role of Prince Errol Swoon and appeared in five episodes of the series. This information has been provided by IMDb, a popular online database of movies and television shows.

The couple got married in May 2022

Saamer Usmani and Tedra Millan got married in May 2022, in a wedding ceremony that celebrated both their Jewish and Pakistani cultures. The wedding was held at the Boathouse in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, and was designed by Lady Pruner, who created a vibrant atmosphere that brought the two cultures together.

On June 6, 2022, Tedra took to Instagram to share details of their special day, posting a photo of the ceremony with the caption, “My face still hurts from smiling.” The couple chose to wear ethnic Pakistani attire for their Pakistani wedding ceremony and Western attire for their Jewish wedding.

Saamer Usmani Wife Tedra Millan

Despite coming from different backgrounds, the couple adapted well to each other’s cultures and had a great time at their wedding ceremonies. Their friends and family also had a wonderful time celebrating their union.

Although Saamer Usmani hasn’t posted any photos of the couple on his social media, Tedra has shared several photos of the happy couple on her Instagram page, showcasing their joy and love for each other. Their latest photo was posted on March 3, 2023, with the caption “Disposable cameras are friendly.” It’s clear that Saamer and Tedra are happily married and enjoying their life together.