American Doctor And Author, Ronald Glasser, passed away at 83

Ronald Glasser was an American doctor and author, most famous for his book 365 Days, chronicling his tour of duty as a US army doctor during the Vietnam war. Published in 1971, the book became a best-seller.

It was reviewed by the Washington Monthly and the New York times. His book 365 days has been translated into nine different languages. He was also a Minneapolis physician.

Dr.Ronald Glasser, the writer of 365 Days, dies at 83

An Army physician who wrote the acclaimed book “365 Days”, Ronald Glasser died on August 26 in St. Louis Park, Minn. He was 83.

His death, in the Minnesota Veterans Home, was confirmed by his partner and former wife, Joy Glasser, who said the cause was complications of Dementia. He was preceded in death by his parents, Sidney and Ann Glasser, and brother Jack.

Ronald’s Early Life and Education

Ronald Glasser was born on May 31, 1939, in Chicago. He was born to Sidney and Ann Glasser, owners of a delicatessen.

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He earned a bachelor’s degree and then in 1965 a medical degree from John Hopkins University, followed by a fellowship in pediatric nephrology at the University of Minnesota.

Ronald’s Relationships and Divorce

He was married to Dr.Janis Carol Amatuzio and ended their relationship in divorce. In 2008, he married Joy Ann Itman. They legally divorce in 2018 when he was admitted to the veterans home with dementia; but, she said, “For private reasons involving his late memory care, I was his wife and partner to the end of life.”

He also has three stepchildren, Rachel, Benjamin, and Aaron Silberman.

Ronald’s Work and Publications

In 1971, he published one of his famous writings,365 Days which gave him worldwide fame. And then he wrote Wounded: Vietnam to Iraq in 2006.

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In 1973, he also wrote Ward 402. He also published many books like The Body is the Hero(1976), Another War, Another Peace(1985), The Greatest Battle(1976), and The Light in the Skull: An Odyssey of Medical Discovery(1997).