Rok Bagoros: Everything you need to know about Stunt bike rider

Rok Bagoros is a 32-year-old Slovenian professional freestyle street bike rider born on March 16, 1989. He has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Marjana Bratuša, and they are expecting their first child together.

Before becoming one of the world’s best scooter stunt drivers, Bagoros worked washing dishes and selling newspapers. He comes from a small town, which makes his success story even more remarkable.

Rok Bagoros’s Early Life

Rok Bagoros was born on March 16, 1989, in a small town in Slovenia to a loving family that did not always have the financial means to support his dreams.

As a teenager, Bagoros demonstrated his grit and determination by funding his own scooter purchase through money earned from a newspaper delivery route and washing dishes.

Rok Bargoros
Image: Rok Bargoros Doing his Stunt (Source: Rok’s Instagram)

He started posting YouTube videos that sparked a global scooter stunt craze. After gaining renown from his YouTube videos, Bagoros achieved the prestigious title of the best scooter stunt driver in the world.

Rok and Marjana Relationship

Rok Bagoros has been in a longtime relationship with girlfriend Marjana Bratuša. Bratuša frequently appears in Bagoros’ vlogs and videos, showing her continuous support for his career.

Bagoros and Bratuša travel together as he performs stunt shows around the world. The couple visit exotic locales ranging from South America to the Middle East.

Rok Kissing Marjana's belly bump
Image: Rok Kissing Marjana’s belly bump (Source: Marjana’s Instagram)

After many years together, Bagoros and Bratuša recently announced they are expecting their first child. Bratuša posted a photo proudly showing off her baby bump and Bagoros Kissing her belly.

Bagoros’ Career and Passion for Stunt Biking

Bagoros began biking at age 17, displaying prodigious talent for stunts and tricks early on. Just 4 years after first picking up biking, he caught the eye of major manufacturer KTM.

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In 2010, Bagoros traveled to a KTM expo in Germany hoping to meet with representatives, even though he couldn’t afford a hotel and had to sleep in his van. Serendipitously, KTM was searching for a young rider to help launch their new 125 Duke bike.

When Bagoros approached the KTM team at the expo to demonstrate his skills with the new Duke, they realized he was the perfect fit to represent the brand. He started riding the Duke 125 in 2011, then upgraded to the Duke 690 in 2012, all thanks to the KTM sponsorship deal.

Bagoros quickly gained fame as the only top-level stunt rider using a single-cylinder bike. He racked up impressive stats, claiming over 25,000 hours of stunt riding.

Bagoros acquired an extensive collection of bikes. He owns 14 KTMs, using different models for stunts and videos. He also has a Beta trial bike and vintage Ponny scooter, for a total of 16 bikes.

ACHIEVEMENTS of Rok Bagoros’s

Throughout his career, Rok Bagoros has demonstrated exceptional talent by winning top honors at prestigious stunt-riding competitions.

  • 2009 – Bagoros makes history as the first-ever scooter stunt rider to perform a show on ice.
  • 2010 – Takes 1st place in a scooter stunt competition in Bordeaux, France. This early success foreshadowed his future achievements.
  • 2011 – After switching to motorcycles, Bagoros placed 1st in a 125cc stunt competition in Hungary.
  • 2014 – At the Austrian Stunt Days event, he impresses the judges enough to earn 3rd place for Best Show.
  • 2015 – The next year, Bagoros improves on his Austrian Stunt Days results by winning 1st place in the Last Man Standing category.

Rok Bagoros all biking gears and accessories

In addition to his stunt career, Rok Bagoros has created a brand selling customized accessories and gear to fans.

On his online shop, Bagoros sells a wide array of biking accessories like handlebars, helmets, brake brackets, and more. Fans can purchase components to customize their own motorcycles.

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For riders looking to emulate his iconic style, Bagoros offers jackets, gloves, and other apparel with his custom designs. Diehard Bagoros fans can purchase sticker kits to plaster their bikes with his logos and graphics. Th

Bagoros Brings His Stunt Show Across the Globe

As his fame has grown, Rok Bagoros has been able to travel and perform stunt shows all over the world.

In 2012, Bagoros brought his act to South America to introduce his death-defying tricks to new fans. The next year, he visited Mexico and Colombia.

Rok Bagoros in Nepal
Image: Rok Bagoros in Nepal (Source: Rok’s YouTube)

Over the next several years, Bagoros steadily grew his global footprint. In 2014 he visited Istanbul, then went on to perform in Brazil and travel throughout the Middle East to Israel and Palestine in 2015-2016.

Bagoros ventured into Asia in 2017 with shows in the Philippines. The following year he visited Nepal. He even set the world record by attending the highest stunt show done on the planet. 20min. no pause, always full throttle.

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