What has happened to Robert Alan Fratta? Who is he and where is he right now? Wiki, Biography

Formerly a committed Missouri City police officer, ROBERT Alan Fratta is currently on death row and waiting to be put to death.

True crime enthusiasts are interested in learning more about Fratta and his crime because of the impending date of his execution.

Robert Alan Fratta, a murderer who has been found guilty, was born on February 22, 1957.

Fratta worked as a firefighter and police officer in Missouri City before getting into trouble.

According to CBS News, he was formerly known as a proud father who adored his three children, Bradley, Daniel, and Amber, who were 7, 6, and 4 years old at the time of their mother’s death.

Where is Robert Alan Fratta currently?

Farah Fratta, Fratta’s wife, was fatally murdered on November 9, 1994, in the midst of a contentious divorce and custody dispute.

Fratta and his children were at church when the shooting occurred, but according to the prosecution, he paid two guys from his gym to murder his wife while they were there.

After Farah’s passing made national headlines, Fratta was apprehended and found guilty of capital murder.

Detective Larry Davis reflected on his interview with Fratta on a 2010 episode of 48 Hours and shared what he stated convinced him of his guilt.

“I asked him a question that stills sticks out in my mind today – the way he answered it,” David said, via CBS News.

“I said, ‘Bob what should happen to somebody that kills somebody?’ He said, ‘They should go to jail forever.’ I said, ‘What should happen to somebody that has their wife killed?’ And he told me ‘it depended on the circumstances.’ I walked out and I said, ‘He killed her.'”

According to Click 2 Houston, Fratta was given a death sentence, but the conviction was eventually overturned owing to inadmissible evidence. In 2009, he went on trial once more and was found guilty.

Robert Alan Fratta Family

Fratta has steadfastly defended his innocence over the years and keeps making attempts to have the sentence reversed. He filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court in 2019, but the judges affirmed his sentence.

“I’m completely innocent of my wife Farah’s death,” Fratta wrote in the appeal.

“The evidence was also legally insufficient. Yet here I set on Texas Death Row awaiting execution unless this Court intervenes.”

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Correctional Institution in Huntsville continues to hold Fratta, who is now 65 years old.

Robert Alan Fratta’s execution date

Fratta has been on death row for more than ten years, but his execution is imminent.

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Fratta was assigned a January 10, 2023 execution date on October 11, 2022.

“Mr Fratta has 91 days from today to file any more appeals that he wants to file. He has 91 days to ask the governor for a pardon,” Assistant District Attorney Joshua Reiss said in a statement via ABC13.

“I fully anticipate that he is going to do both, and we’re (going to) do everything we can to make this execution a reality.”

Who is Robert Alan Fratta’s wife?

Robert Alan Fratta was married to Farah Fratta who was murdered in 1994. The couple was apparently going through ups and downs in their married life at the time.

Robert Alan was taken as a suspect in the death of his wife. However, to date, he continues to decline the allegations of him killing his wife.

How old is Robert Alan Fratta? Age

Robert Alan Fratta is currently 65 years old. He was born on February 22, 1957.