longtime Cargill employee, Ricardo ‘Rich’ Torres, Dies at 56

Ricardo Ernesto Torres, often known as Rich, enjoyed assisting people, tipping generously, and never turned down a good time.

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At the age of 56, Ricardo “Rich” Torres, the life of the party and a generous tipper was passes away.

On October 22, Ricardo Ernesto Torres of Deephaven passed away from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, at his home. He was 56. Torres visited a doctor in the spring of 2021 because of hip discomfort.

According to Donni Torres, he received an aggressive ALS diagnosis in the fall. On September 10, the day after the couple’s wedding anniversary, he consumed his final meal of champagne and wedding cake.

Joehl said,

“He was the opposite of a micromanager. He gave you full autonomy to do the things you need to do,” Torres owned a huge collection of Hawaiian-style shirts with silly patterns and donned a purple suit for the holidays. He’s also known for his sense of humor at work, “We miss his presence on the trading floor very much,”.

Donni Torres said,

In the spring of 2021, Torres went to the doctor for hip pain. He was diagnosed with an aggressive case of ALS in the fall, He ate his last meal — champagne and wedding cake — on September 10, the couple’s wedding anniversary. Even while he was dying, he was still typing out emails of advice or congratulations to others, “He always made me laugh and I could always count on him,” As a child and throughout his life, he “lived to be in the water,” whether it was spearfishing, swimming or diving.

She remembered her exciting family trips, such as diving with her small children and cliff jumping in Croatia. Her husband, who has completed more than 20 Twin Cities marathons, discovered a way to merge two of his passions: running and animals.

He often phoned neighbors and requested to walk their dogs. Torres wasn’t a huge guy, and the big dogs he ran with, usually doodles, overpowered him.

On Madeline Island, he once celebrated a dog marriage between his family dog, Penny, and the Meldahls’ dog, Monte, by invoking the authority Scooby-Doo had placed upon him.

About his early life and family members

Ricardo ‘Rich’ Torres was born in Arizona in 1966(56 years old) and spent most of his childhood in Sonora, California.

Ricardo Ernesto Torres Age

Elvia is Ricardo ‘Rich’ Torres’ mother, and his siblings are Ylianna, Frank, and Enrique.

About Personal Life and Education

Ricardo ‘Rich’ Torres met his wife and celebrated his birthday with her. They married in 1994 and have two children: Carter, a boy, and Frankie, a girl in her 20s.

Ricardo ‘Rich’ Torres attended the University of California, Berkeley.

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Ricardo Ernesto Torres spent 33 years at Cargill, rising to the position of vice president of trading and merchandising for the starch, sweeteners, and texturizers business.

Cargill’s commercial and merchandising director, Andy Joehl, worked for Torres twice for a total of five years. He recalled Torres’s dramatic market risks, which contrasted with his consistently calm demeanor.