Who was Rebecca Ikumelo? Aged 33, children, Husband, Mother of 2 died at a concert

Rebecca Ikumelo was a 33-year-old mother of two from Nigeria who passed away after being hurt at Asake’s concert in London.

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Mother of 2, Rebecca Ikumelo, died following a stampede at Asake’s London concert

Rebecca Ikumelo, a 33-year-old mother of two from Nigeria, passed away after being hurt at Asake’s concert in London. 3 has passed away from the injuries she got during the stampede during the Asake concert on December 15 in Brixton O2 Academy.

It all started when some fans tried to enter the event without tickets, forcing security personnel to become overwhelmed by the crowds. She reportedly passed away in a hospital on Saturday, December 17, after suffering serious injuries in the rush. Two more ladies, 21 and 23, are now in critical condition, according to The  Police.

I am grieved by the news that Asake’s Rebecca Ikumelo, who had been in a critical condition since Thursday, has regrettably gone away, said singer Asake in leading condolences to the mother. My deepest condolences go out to her family at this difficult time.

“I have spoken to them and will continue to do so,” she said, “so let us please keep her family in our prayers.” “I am numb with grief and never could have imagined this occurring,” the speaker said.

What was Rebecca’s age when she died and what were her family members’ reactions

Rebecca Ikumelo was 33 years old mother of two at the time of her death. Rebecca was born in 1989. She was a Nigerian woman.

Rebecca Ikumelo Kids

Rebecca was the best know on Tik Tok. Where she used to post daily life Tik Tok Videos of her taking care of her children and enjoying life. She recently posted a picture of her family enjoying the first snow of Christmas as well.

Educational and Professional Details

She was a graduate of nursing background and looking at her pictures on social media she was involved in the same field professionally as well.

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What about Rebecca Ikumelo Husband and children

We believe she was a single mother of a son and a daughter as nothing is heard from her husband regarding her unfortunate death on the internet.

Rebecca Ikumelo Children

She has been recalled as a loving mother of two all over the internet as she sadly passed away leaving her two young children alone.

Rebecca Ikumelo’s uncle remembers his niece

“My favorite niece, Rebecca Ikumelo, died today as a result of injuries sustained at [Asake’s] concert,” Temiope Olodo, Rebecca’s uncle, wrote on Twitter. The family of Olodo and Ikumelo has suffered a severe loss. I am unable to control my tears.

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Likewise, her family stated in a statement issued by the Metropolitan Police: “Rebecca was a nursing graduate. She was a sweet mother of two who enjoyed working with youngsters. She earned the family’s esteem for her compassion, generosity, and love. Tosin, short for Oluwatosin, is the name her parents gave her; it means “Lord is Worthy.”