Who is Raynard Cook? The killing of Atlanta Judge Josephine Holmes Cook, Aged 17? Mother and Family

Raynard  Cook was the accused murderer in the killing of Atlanta Judge Josephine Holmes Cook in 1996.

The Name of Raynard Cook has once again come in highlight after a decade as the latest episode of Oxygen the real murder of Judge Josephine Holmes Cook talks about the murder of the mother of Raynard Cook.

Raynard Cook: a Son who killed his own mother

Raynard Cook was the culprit behind the murder of her mother  Josephine Holmes Cook. She was shot to death by her own son back in 1996. The controversial murder case was published recently on Oxygen’s The Real Murder of Atlanta episode.


She was shot in the shoulder by her then-17-year-old son, who died slowly from severe blood loss. Josephine’s death was featured recently on Oxygen’s The Real Murder of Atlanta.

However, she managed to call 911 after her son shot her in the shoulder and left but sadly, she was found dead when the help arrived as her blood was all over her house which shows she died due to excessive blood loss.

A short time later, he was arrested and charged with murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm and was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison.

Where is Raynard Cook Now?

Raynard Cook, convicted of murdering his mother, was serving time in prison according to sources, but no one knows where he is currently housed after his trial.

But after there have been rumors about his death flowing all over the internet but nothing official has been revealed as nothing about him has been heard or known in the past years.

Raynard Cook, Family, Early Life

Rayan Cook was 17 at the time he committed the unforgivable crime. He is the son of Late Judge Josephine Holmes cook. In her time, Josephine was recognized as a woman of dedication, faith, and ambition. She lost her re-election bid, but still enjoyed respect among her peers.

raynard cook family

At the time of writing this, We do not have any information regarding his father and the husband of Judge Josephine Holmes as nothing about him has been heard from which we believe she was the single mother of a single child.

Due to his young age and early sentencing to prison, at the time of writing this, we do not know whether he is married or not. He lived a low life due to the severity of his crime, which saw him sentenced to 20 years in prison.

As of 2022, no one knows where he lived or is he alive or not. However, the news of his death has surfaced all over the internet but nothing official has been heard or stated by the media.

Which school and college did he go to?

 He was a student at Woodward Academy which was a top private high school at that time.

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Is he dating someone?

His relationship status has not been mentioned in the media, nor did anyone come forward as her girlfriend or companion. We will update this page when we learn anything specific about his relationship status.

Is he available on social media handles?

We do not have precise information about his social media status. When we receive more detailed information surrounding his social media handles, we will update this section.