Who is Rayan Oram? Boy Trapped in well, Aged 5, Parents, Father, Mother, Funeral

Rayan Oram is a 5 years old boy from Morocco who got trapped in a well nearby his house. The boy was playing outside of his house when this incident took place. Rescues dig to help the boy trapped in the well sadly he died before being rescued.

The massive efforts to try to save Rayan Oram captivated the nation and many around the world followed the events.

Rayan Oram: a 5-year-old boy dead after Being Trapped in a Well.

Rayan Oram, a 5-year-old Moroccan boy who was trapped for days in a well, has died. He had been trapped since Tuesday on a deep well in northern Morocco when rescuers finally found him on Saturday afternoon.

He was first greeted with cheers when he emerged from the well wrapped in a yellow blanket. However, soon it was revealed that the boy was no more.

He fell 100ft down the well which was outside his home. Rescuers could not go directly down to him since the good narrows as it gets deeper, making it impossible for them to reach him directly. In the beginning, rescuers dug in the well itself. However, after a few minutes, they became worried that the walls would collapse on Rayan, who was trapped in a smaller than average well.

Bulldozers were used to dig a parallel ditch, following which a horizontal tunnel was excavated to reach the boy. The boy remained alive until Thursday, as corroborated by the camera placed in the well to confirm the boy’s condition. Tragically, the boy was already dead when he was brought out of the well, which was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI expressed his condolences to the boy’s parents in a statement.

Rayan Oram Age, Family, Early Life

Rayan Oram was a 5 years old boy from Ighran village, Tamorot commune, Chefchaouen Province, Morocco. From his age at the time of his death, we assume he was born around 2017. He was the son of Khaled Oram and Wassima Khersheesh who are devastated following the death of their  5 years old boy who got trapped in a deep well for nearly 5 days in Morocco.

rayan oram family

However, we do not have any information regarding their occupation at the time of writing this. We will update you about them once we get any information regarding them.

The boy was playing outside on February 1, 2022, when he accidentally fell into it as his father was busy working nearby. After some time, his family realized that the boy was missing and in search, they found the boy deep inside a well that was uncovered. The boyโ€™s footprints were near the well which the family assume and contact local arthritis who later confirmed the boy was inside the well by sending a camera down in the well.

Which school and college did Rayan Oram go to? What was his major?

We don’t know much about his education right now, and nothing about her personal life has been made public since.

When we obtain more specific information about his educational background, we will update this area.

Rayan Oram Net worth, How much does he earn?

The little kid was five years old and was completely reliant on his parents for all his daily needs.

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Physical Appearance of Rayan Oram‘s Height, Weight

HeightN / A
WeightN / A
Eye ColourHazel
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Interesting facts about Rayan Oram’s should be knows

Zodiac SignN/A
Net WorthN/A
Single/ In a relationshipN/A
Current SpouseN/A