British Star, Oli London, Apologizes for surgeries to appear like BTS star Jimin

Oli London is a British Actor, singer, and internet personality. They are known for having multiple plastic surgery procedures in an attempt to make them look like Jimin, the member of the South Korean boy band BTS.

In mid-2022, they came out as a genderfluid, trans woman. Although they are of British descent, London identifies as South Korean.

Oli’s Nativity and Early Life

Oli London was born on 14 January 1990 in Central London, or at least a city near it. Their father is an interior designer and their mother is a housewife. Their interest in South Korea began in 2013, after arriving in Seoul to teach English for a year.

oli london family

They also began researching the country’s culture and got to know about South Korean Music Groups. They became interested in BTS and they idolized Jimin. The same year, they began having surgeries designed to make their faces as Jimin.

Oli’s Professional Career

They started attracting the media’s attention after appearing in a 2018 episode of the Barcroft TV documentary series Hooked On The Look, which documented their surgeries to look like Jimin. In 2019, they started their K-POP career by releasing the single, ‘Perfection’, a bilingual English-Korean song revolving around the euphoria they felt after getting their surgeries. It received negative reviews from music critics for its extensive autotune. They entered acting in 2021 in the partially fictionalized short documentary Gangnam Beauty.

Danny Richardson, husband of Oli London

Danny Richardson and Oli London are wed as of proper now. In a powerful ceremony carried out within the heart of London, the English celeb and the 19-years old Danny exchanged vows.

Because they both enjoy having their bodies altered, the couple, who assert that a topless priest oversaw their service, made sure that it had a plastic surgery theme. There is a 13 years age gap between them.

Oli London’s Racial Transition

Although they are of British Descent, London identifies as South Korean. Their racial transition attracted worldwide attention. And stirred debate around the validity of being transracial compared to being transgender. London describes themself as someone with an obsessive and impulsive personality.

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Oli’s Face Surgeries and how much did he spend on them?

As of 2022, London has spent approximately 220k+ Euros for more than twenty plastic surgeries and quarterly, skin whitening injections. In the same year, they announced plans for their p**is reduction surgeries, stating’ in Korea, an average p**is is like 3.5 inches.”

They have also gotten eye surgery, nose jobs, and a forehead lift six times.

Oli on Social Media

Talking about London’s Social media handles, he has 660K+ followers on Instagram. On  Twitter, he has 44.6K+ followers. And in TikTok, he has 1 million followers. He also has his youtube channel which has 64k+ subscribers.

What is Oli London’s Net Worth?

As London has collaborated with global brands like View Plastic Surgeries, Medictek Korea, Dominic Paul Cosmetics, and Paris Hilton Skincare UK. Apart from his songs, London’s major source of his income is his youtube channel. And he has an estimated Net worth of 1.2 Million dollars.